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Negotiating after Home Inspection Basic Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers

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One of the most important processes involved in home purchase is performing the proper home inspection. This is a very salient element that home sellers and home buyers do no have the right to neglect. For instance, it is considered life-saver for those who are in search of a good investment in real estate. It is imperative then that home buyers know what to do for home inspection and the significant essence of negotiation after a home inspector is done with his job and completed the assessment.

What is home inspection for?

Before going directly to the different effective ways of negotiating with sellers and buyers after inspecting the property, it is vital to know what exactly home inspection is for. home sellers and buyers hire qualified home inspectors in order to determine the real condition of the property. Inspection in and outside your premises is thoroughly done to check every vital details, areas and components. After evaluating the entirety of the property, the inspector will provide you the necessary information recorded in your report. Should there be necessary fixtures needed to be done, it is written accurately in the result.

Hence, you are helped to determine if you are actually paying for the house for what your money is worth.

What are things to negotiate after inspecting your home?

Here are three common and fundamental components that are negotiable between sellers and home buyers.

  1. Home maintenance. Home inspection will reiterate what particular part of the house or system which is defective. Repairs and fixtures which are under the responsibility of the home owner must be dealt with accordingly, adhering to the regulations and standards of the local building authority. There are however certain legalized exemptions that the seller is not compulsory to comply with such as the heating system integration in lieu with the safety measures against seismic earthquakes. The seller is also exempted from the obligatory adherence to upgrading your plumbing system. It is therefore important that you know your limits when requesting for the necessary repairs while negotiating with the home seller.

  2. Price rates. Basing on the completed inspection report, you can rightfully negotiate with the home seller regarding the asking price for the property. If you see there are repairs and fixtures which are needed, then you may request modification of the price rate fair enough for both parties. You can always offer the seller a price that is based on the value of the property minus the defects or malfunctions you have inspected in the house. You can also take note of the other regular prices within the vicinity to make comparison with the price given.

  3. Offering remedies. If you have already determined the areas of the house that needed fixture, then you may proceed with negotiating the possible solutions to remedy the problem. for instance, give ample solutions that the seller can choose from in order to give a fair and square alternative.

Home inspection and negotiating every salient component after the inspection is completed, is essentially important especially for determined home buyers. Know what ought to be done and you are sure to get the best investment.
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