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Buying the Farm – Are you ready to say adios to the city?

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By : Dylan Taft    99 or more times read
For people who would like to escape the city madness and breathe fresh air every day, buying a small farm - or a hobby farm - may be just the answer.

Developers are beginning to parcel off small- to medium-size acreages in recognition of the growing interest in hobby farming. New farmers interested in everything from growing organic vegetables to raising goats for producing gourmet cheeses and milk, are realizing an entirely different way of living, and loving every minute of it.

But make no mistake – farming is tough work. Long hours, limited income to start, different noises to contend with such as tractors running all day (or night with lights), and the stress of running your own business (yes, farming is a business) are just some of the things you may encounter.

However, if you have decided that this is the lifestyle you want, here are some tips to consider before you make the final leap into your new world:

  1. Make sure you are making this decision for the right reasons. Are you willing to sacrifice some big city comforts, such as your daily double-espresso coffee with extra foam?

  2. What kind of farming will you pursue? Are you going to raise animals or grow crops? Even if you have a small parcel of land, either of these endeavors can be achieved. Or maybe even both!

  3. Have you spoken to other farmers in the area, or those in other regions who currently produce the products or crops that your business will provide?

  4. Is your realtor familiar with hobby farms, or does he or she primarily sell residential homes?

  5. Do you have a contingency plan for a financial year?

Do you want to go organic? A number of stipulations are in place for creating an organic product. Whether it is animal- or vegetable-based, creating an organic growing environment takes several years before goods can be sold as Certified Organic.

There are many articles and stories about hobby farming available in magazines and on the Internet. Subscribe to a hard copy publication or e-zine to discover more about the successes and challenges of the life you are about to enter. It won’t matter what you are planning to raise, there will be plenty of tips to guide you.

Don’t be discouraged about becoming a farmer if you have no experience. Most people who pursued this lifestyle were new themselves. But with a lot of hard work and sheer determination, they found success.

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