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Change Your Attitude towards Your For-Sale Home to Sell Quickly

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By : Carlos Montes    99 or more times read
Once your home goes up for sale, you have to change your attitude towards it in order to sell it quickly and for a good price. It's hard to maintain an objective attitude towards your home, but you must to avoid the problems that an emotional connection can bring with it.

The first step is to de-clutter. Not only does this help present your home in an advantageous light to buyers, it also helps you to get a head start on packing. In addition, de-cluttering will help you divorce yourself from some of the memories associated with your home. This may seem to be a little strange, but if you can bring yourself to pack up some of your belongings and arrange the rest to maximize the looks of your home, it can help you view the proceedings objectively.

Listen to your listing agent. They want to get a good price for your home, too. But they also know what the market will support. No matter how valuable you think the house where little Timmy grew to manhood is, the market is going to determine how much buyers think it is worth. Research homes that are similar to yours - neighborhoods, amenities, etc. and see how much they are going for. This is what your listing agent uses to determine the probable sale price of your home.

It's best if you're not present when buyers come on a walkthrough. While you know your home best, your presence can make buyers uncomfortable about discussing the drawbacks to your home and you could inadvertently ruin a sale by saying the wrong thing or calling the buyer's attention to something that may be a plus for you, but is a drawback for them. An agent's purpose is to get your house sold - trust that your agent knows how to do that for you!

It can be very hard to let go of a home that you have bonded with. Emotional ties can lead you to want more money for your home or a certain kind of buyer, but this can end up slowing or completely stopping sales. It's best to set your attention on packing and looking forward to the new home you are planning to live in then to allow your attachment to your old home prevent you from moving forward with its sale and your life.
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