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Buying Older Homes: Be Aware of Possible Problems

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With all the great deals on homes on the market these days, it is a perfect time to pick up a vintage home for a fabulous price. There are a myriad of older homes, both foreclosures and not, going for a veritable steal on the market right now. However, with the purchase of older homes, there are many possible problems that you can be buying into as well.

Many older homes were built in the years before insulation was the norm like it is now; as a result, many older homes are very expensive to heat or cool even if they’ve had some insulation upgrades in the past. You may well want to factor in the cost of an extra layer of insulation in your attic if you’re looking at buying a charming vintage home. Insulating your basement or crawlspace is also a good way to save on energy. Some old homes have a serious lack of insulation in the walls; the best way to look into upgrading them is to contact a professional about your best options.

The wiring in old homes can also definitely be a problem as well; some old wiring is coated in a not-very-resilient plastic that cracks and splits with age while other older wires are coated with a fabric covering. Not all old wiring is a problem, so don’t make that leap in judgment when looking at older homes; the best way to proceed is to have an electrician with experience dealing with vintage wiring to determine the state of the wiring in the home before you sign on the dotted line so that you know just what sort of upgrades you might need to do.

The other major area that you should look at when searching for a charming vintage home is that of the plumbing. Some old homes built in the early part of the 20th century have lead pipes in their interior plumbing which negatively affects the quality of your drinking water. You should have the water in the home tested for lead, especially if you have small children as lead poisoning is so detrimental to children’s development.

It never hurts to have a thorough home inspection done no matter what the age of a home is before you buy it just to make sure that everything is in order before you agree to make the purchase but it is especially important to have a good extensive inspection done on an older home so that your family can live there safely and comfortably.

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