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By : Ravisankar Poduval    99 or more times read
Just as shelter is one of the basic needs of human beings, protection of that shelter, be it from natural calamities or man made disasters, is of paramount importance. This aspect takes up most people’s planning time, especially in situations when they are required to be away from home for a long duration. Even though there is so much awareness about home security and related aspects, you will still find some people who do not give it its due importance, and end up paying a hefty price for it.

Some very common reasons that give you sleepless nights, as far as home security is concerned, are related to burglaries, fire and even more serious concerns like arson and looting. Even though most people think that burglary is a very expert job, it is not so. Most of the robberies around any community are done by amateur and petty thieves. This makes the task of thwarting such instances easier for any home owner or occupant.

One of the best ways to thwart any burglaries is to make a strong fence around the house. Strong and sturdy boundary walls or fences act as a mental block for any thief and the thief would think twice before entering the premises. A house which has no activity for a long time is like an invitation for any thief. When you leave your home for a long duration, make sure that you do not leave any signs around that give any person the impression that nobody has been staying in that house for some time. One very easy way to locate any home which the occupant has locked up for a longer time is when you see newspapers lying scattered in the front of the house. Always inform your newspaper vendor not to supply newspapers on the days when you shall not be around. Also, never leave any windows open. Make sure that your garage door is as tightly shut as your main door.

Another important factor that needs to be monitored is lights. Make sure that the main gate light or garage light is not on during the day, as this also indicates that the house is not occupied. If you have the budget, certainly go for some really good gadgets that can make life safer. These include censors for your main door and garage lights, so that they glow in the night and shut off during the day. Burglar alarms are another great invention. In fact some alarms are so sophisticated that they are linked to the nearest police station and go off in case something wrong happens.
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