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Buying a Home: Consider Neighborhood Green Spaces

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By : David Sporleder    99 or more times read
When families are looking for new homes to buy, they look at a lot of factors: what schools in the area are like, what kind of amenities are close by, the state of the houses in the neighborhood, how long it would take to drive to work, and many other elements. What people sometimes forget to look at is what kind of green space an area has, or if it has one at all.

There are a variety of types of green spaces that a neighborhood can have; some common ones are parks, playgrounds, nature reserves, and undeveloped land. Parks can range from areas of manicured grass to wild natural areas with hiking trails to more single-purpose areas like dog parks. Depending on your own individual family’s needs, some of these types of green space may be more appealing than others, but they all add a lot of value to an area.

For a family with small children, a neighborhood with some kind of park can be ideal, particularly if it has a playground as well; for canine-owning city dwellers, a dog park in the middle of the concrete jungle can likewise be an ideal addition to the surrounding environment of your new home. For many people having a natural area with trails for hiking or biking is an essential way to get their exercise and enjoy the outdoors all year long.

Green spaces aren’t only enjoyable for recreation though, they’re also good for your local environment. The trees and plants in your local green space help absorb water and prevent soil erosion. Green spaces help moderate the temperature in the summer time by absorbing the rays of the sun instead of reflecting them off the concrete and glass. Plants and trees also absorb noise and air pollution as well, making a neighborhood generally more pleasant to live in and even raise the property values of a neighborhood.

When you’re looking for your ideal new family home, make sure that you look at all the elements that make the surroundings healthy for you and your family; consider all of your family’s needs and try to meet as many of them as possible in your prospective neighbourhoods. Remember, it’s not just a home that you’re buying, it’s the whole environment that your home is situated in that you’re buying into. Buy the best environment for your family; choose one with a local green space. offers a quick and easy search for Cape Coral real estate and Sandoval homes. You'll find listings for every kind of property on the Southwest FL market, including waterfront homes, condominiums and single family houses.

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