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What You Should Know about Landlord Responsibilities

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Any opportunity is governed by certain responsibilities. It will aid the person to portray his role well. A landlord for instance, has various responsibilities he has to attend to. This ensures satisfaction of the tenants. This will also prevent problems in the future. The property owners have different obligations. This includes his duty to the property, the renter and the government.

Renting a property offers various advantages. One is that the renter is not tasked to handle repairs in the property. For example, there is a power outage because of damaged wires, it is not the duty of the tenant to look for an electrician and pay for his services. The landlord should take care of this and he should respond to this right away. Aside from monitoring and maintaining the property, the owner has several responsibilities as well.

It is his job to ensure that all the areas in the building are safe. In order to do this, the owner has to know and comply with the standards set by the government for that area. Different towns have different constraints and owners have to know and follow it. Aside from the building standards, the landlord should also follow the health codes. This is to ensure that the unit will not be a threat to the health of the occupant. However, tenants should keep in mind that they can be held accountable as well. If they caused the damage because of negligence then they are responsible for it.

The landlord should carefully check the house as well. He should see to it that it is safe to live in. He must inspect the walls, roof, floors and stairs. If there is anything that can cause injury like holes on the floors or weak post on the walls, they should deal with it right away. Safety is very important as he could face criminal charges if the property caused deaths or injuries. This is also the reason why landlords should follow guidelines and standards.

The owner may get in the rented property. However, he should notify the occupants at least 24 hours ahead of time. This is also a sign of respect for the privacy of the current occupants.

The landlord should also make proper notification to renters if they violate any rules. He has to put it in writing and send it to the tenant. He should keep a copy of the notice because it can be used during the eviction process.

If there are complaints in the property, the landlord should respond to it in a timely way. He should not ignore it. The same is true for the requests of the tenants.

The landlord is responsible for payment collections as well. He should give out information on how the renters can pay their dues. Aside from the primary contact details, he should also provide an emergency number where payment can be made in case the first details will not work. It is also the duty of the landlord to return the security payment.

Most importantly, the owner or an authorized personnel should walk through the tenant. The walk through has to be documented properly and it has to be agreed upon as well.
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