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Consider the Rules of HOA Before Buying a House

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By : Mary Deoquino    99 or more times read
Living in a new residence is a grand moment for you and your loving family. A new home leads to new hope, a new location to live, new friends and social settings.

Life is pretty much easy when we follow the common rules by a society. These rules are formed to protect us, our loved ones and the other residents from the society. Living this way makes sure that everything is organized and we have a peaceful life. Our associations with the bordering neighbors are good and they truly do benefit us.

Get your home and also the HOA rules from your real estate agent. Most of the professional real estate agents have a copy of HOA rules of a certain area. Do not forget to get an ‘updated’ copy of HOA polices and rules before buying a property.

Some people say HOA rules are very restrictive. Remember there are still people living in that area with the so-called restrictions. If you still think that these rules are a bit too much, ask your real estate agent to show you another home where the HOA rules are not this way.

Let us get a bearing on some important HOA rules which you should check before planning to buy a home in an area.

HOA has rules are highly sensitive ones regarding the pets. Most HOA wants pets to be in the most hygienic condition. It may be your favorite pet, but you don’t want it to pee in the front yard and make an issue for other house owners. Remember they too may have well taken care of pets. The association may have rules on how many pets you can have. Check with the HOA regarding their pet polices.

Parking space is another point which you have to keep in mind before you buy your home. You should be aware of the HOA policies on such aspects and the like. Some HOA allows you to park only one vehicle along the street. If you are planning to run a business in that area, make sure you know the HOA policy regarding that too and the space restrictions.

Some HOA rules often are a bit too much; remember these rules and regulations are made to protect home owners. Most of these rules are revised and amended from time to time, if the rules are found to be too restrictive for many.

Ask about the annual and monthly charges which you are committed to towards the HOA, for maintaining the common amenities like the swimming pool, etc. Check with them if you are liable to pay even if you are not using some of the amenities around. Make sure you know these policies and charges by heart.
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