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  • How Can You Do Property Title Search By:-John Hill
    Buying a property without proper investigation is risky. It will create a number of difficulties for you in the future. A property title search is done for remaining secure from all kinds of problems relating to a property. No one should avoid this valuable procedure with the fear of spending some bucks for this purpose.
  • Home Appraisals: Information for Borrowers and Sellers By:-AJ Cibok
    The judgment of any professional home appraiser is dependent on his / her viewpoint. It's essentially an estimation of what a particular piece of property is worth. The cost of a home appraisal, somewhere between 300-400 dollars, is often a necessity for many purchasers, and sellers frequently find them useful too.
  • Sound Real Estate Advice By:-M Shane
    Shared, or fractional, ownership is a superb way of consolidating joint equity and an ideal way to buy a home in these uncertain times. Alternatively, it is pit of deadly vipers and you would be strongly advised against getting onto the property ladder this way.
  • How to Be a Licensed Real Estate Consultant in Dubai By:-Faheen Khan
    In recent developments at the RERA, licenses are being issued to about twenty categories of real estate professionals including that for a real estate consultant in Dubai. Local, non-local, and expatriates are eligible to apply for and practice as a real estate consultant provided they fulfill the eligibility laid down by the RERA and obtain the relevant license.
  • Casualty Loss Can Generate Massive Tax Deductions By:-patrick o connor
    A casualty loss may occur as a result of a flood, hurricane, tornado, mudslide or other natural disaster. The intuitive thought pattern is: “My apartment complex worth $5,000,000 suffered major damage totaling $1,500,000 for repairs and rent loss. Fortunately, I was completely covered for both physical damage and rent loss, other than a small deductible. There is clearly no casualty loss I can claim as a tax deduction, right?”
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