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  • Property Investment - Know The Facts By:-Whitney Cox
    Purchasing a property that you intend to rent out can be a great way to make a safe and profitable income. Real estate investment can also be a risk so know the facts to ensure that your property investment is a success.
  • Tips for Buying International Real Estate By:-Krista Kehoe
    Many people view purchasing overseas property as an exciting, and hopefully, lucrative endeavor. While daunting at first, owning real estate in a different country can be financially and personally rewarding if you take certain measures to ensure that your investment is a good one.
  • Property investment: Is it for you? By:-Eshkarvin Kenezer
    Google the phrase 'property investment' and you will probably be bombarded with 10 million or more search results offering you advice on how to get rich quick through real estate investments, the types of properties to snap up and numerous fail safe steps to retire young and loaded via properties. With so many people going into real estate and reporting on the great earnings they get in return, one would wonder if channeling hard earned money into buying and selling bricks is the best way to go. Hopefully, with this brief on the current property market in Malaysia as well as the dos and don'ts of property investment, you would be more confident in getting your hands onto your first investment, or not.
  • Top 3 reasons to live in Mexico By:-Tom Budniak
    Buying a condo in Mexico and moving there forever is a dream of many Americans and Canadians. Mexico conjures up an image of a Caribbean paradise with abundance of sun, sand and luxurious lifestyle.
  • 10 Myths about Property Investment By:-Whitney Cox
    It is common knowledge that every industry in existence has its share of myths and misjudgments, and property investment is no different. There are questions that plague the minds of new investors or those considering a move into property. The amount of conflicting information available it can be difficult to decipher fact from fiction. Rather than listing the truths, I have decided to clear up an index of common myths surrounding the property investment industry.
  • Retiring in Mexico By:-Tom Budniak
    One of the most enduring American dreams has been to retire early in a place which has an abundance of sun and sand.
  • 10 Property Investment Tips By:-Whitney Cox
    Investing in property can be an exciting yet tedious experience. Be resourceful, know the facts and make confident decisions. Here are 10 top tips for buying investment properties:
  • 5 Common Property Investment Mistakes By:-Whitney Cox
    Making the right financial choices can be difficult for property investors, especially newbies in the current market. It is still possible to make a good profit by avoiding some common mistakes when buying and selling property. Here are 5 classic examples:
  • 5 Reasons Why Atlanta is Fantastic for Property Investing By:-Jason Hartman
    Atlanta is one of the best cities for property investing. Everyone wants the inside track, a way of somehow rising above their competitors who are trying to buy the right houses. Learn why Atlanta is one of the most promising real estate markets for those interested in buying income properties.
  • House Flipping: Wonder, Woe & Warnings By:-Jamie Mathwig
    Great curb appeal means greater value for that property when it's sold, which, in turn, increases the value of nearby real estate. It might even encourage other residents in the area to renovate their own homes and, let's face it, that's a nice perk for other homeowners who are tired of looking at ugly houses.
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