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  • Florida Condo Insurance Buyers Guide By:-David Degen
    With rising insurance costs due to the Florida legislative approval team, owners are looking harder than ever how to cut costs. Buying cheap insurance may not be the answer and we explore options and ideas how to maximize the benefits and acknowledge reducing the costs of the premium.
  • When Your Calgary Home is Consumed by Fire By:-Rachel Vanderveen
    Fires are always in the news. Whether it's a 3-alarm condo fire or devastating wildfires, it's important to know what to do when these situations arise. Even if you have done everything right to reduce the risk of a fire starting within your home, or spreading from somewhere nearby to your home, you should be prepared in the hopefully unlikely event that your home catches fire.
  • Buying Discount Home Insurance By:-Sonia Smith
    A discount home insurance is an option for homeowners during these hard times in the economy. Make sure to read the coverage conditions since they vary depending on the insurance company and the location.
  • Is Discount Home Insurance Good Enough? By:-Roby Hicks
    Home insurance keeps one of your most valued possessions safe. This is why it is essential that you look for a good insurance company. After that, you have to review the policy and understand the coverage. Most homeowners today are underinsured. This means that their insurance coverage is not enough to cover its rebuilding. Many even have discount home insurance, a more affordable insurance that has limited coverage.
  • Home Warranty Advantage By:-Roby Hicks
    A warranty is always an advantage. This reduces the number of things you worry about your home. You do not have to scratch your head when the water heater is busted, all you have to do is to call your warranty company. This also protects you from unexpected repair expenses. Such investment is advantageous for sellers and buyers.
  • Home Protection: The Need For Flood Insurance By:-Roby Hicks
    Homes are our priced possession. We save up to find the best home we can afford. We purchase it and willingly take on financial challenges that the monthly mortgage brings. But the houses can be taken away from us easily. One strong storm or hurricane can lead to devastation. This is why we have insurances to protect our properties. This will help ensure that we can rebuild our homes even after enduring severe damages.
  • Government’s spending cuts affecting decent households By:-Elzbieta Falat
    As we heard in yesterday's news, retail sales in UK dropped down 1.9% from a year earlier. That's the biggest drop since 16 years. Food and energy cost became more expensive but at the same time there is lack of wage increase which means that households must struggle to meet everyday expenses.
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