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  • Screening Tenants for Rent-to-Own By:-Karim El Sheikh
    Rent to own properties are becoming very popular. Many tenants are choosing to work on agreements that eventually cede the property to them. In many cases, the landlord is seen as the 'bad guy', one who may eventually renege on the deal or sell the property under the tenant's noses. Rent to own properties are not just limited to apartments or condominiums, but also houses and other livable properties that a money-smart owner is using as passive income.
  • Lofts and Condos: Common Areas By:-Andy Asbury
    When people buy a condo or loft, not only do they buy a home in which to live, they also buy access to conference or party rooms, pools or fitness centers, rooftop spaces and lawns with grills and picnic tables. And those are just some of the common areas that can be found in loft and condo units.
  • Cell tower Lease Joint Venture By:-Andrew Kellerman
    Have an existing or soon to be installed cell tower or rooftop cell site? Want the lease income, but don't want to take all the risk of possible lease termination? How about a joint venture? May be the best of all worlds.
  • Lease Length on Flats - Why Size Does Matter By:-Andy Szebeni
    A lease of 100 or more years seldom is a difficulty to the typical flat-owner. With leases exceeding a hundred years, the price of the apartment is much the same, whatever the number of years remaining. For the most part the length of the lease is very much longer than the majority of adults will live so this is not a problem in practical terms or, in particular, to commercial mortgage lender such as banks and building societies.
  • How to Find Renters For Your Condo or Loft By:-Andy Asbury
    Condos and lofts can make excellent rental property. Given that there is not a yard or driveway - and that exterior maintenance is more than likely covered by an association fee - there probably won't be much you have to do other than collect a rent check each month. The key, then, is to find renters. Here are some ways to do it.
  • Ten Things to Consider When Renting Out Your Condo or Loft By:-Andy Asbury
    Maybe you want to sell your condo or loft, but just have not been able to find a buyer. Or maybe you want to continue owning it and build some equity, but you have a desire to live elsewhere. Whatever the reason for doing it, condos and lofts can make good rental properties. But there are some things to keep in mind as you consider whether you want to be a landlord.
  • Condos: How To Deal With A Bad Homeowners Association By:-Andy Asbury
    The vast majority of people who live in condominiums never have a problem with their homeowners association. Each month, they write a check to the association, and they receive the variety of services covered by their association dues. There are steps that potential condo owners can take to ensure they do not buy a unit in a building that has a bad homeowners association, as well as steps they can take if they discover after the fact that their association leaves something to be desired.
  • Condo Homeowners Association Fee: What Does it Cover? By:-Andy Asbury
    If you live in a condo, or even looked into living in one, you probably have seen the letters HOA. They stand for Homeowners Association. Before purchasing a condo, it's important to know what your monthly HOA payment covers and what it doesn't cover.
  • Your Condo Association: The Nuts and Bolts By:-Andy Asbury
    Every condo owner makes a monthly payment to a condo homeowners association. The amount of the payment varies widely, depending on your building and the amenities it provides. It may even depend on the makeup of the association itself. The following is a primer on some of the main elements of condo homeowner associations.
  • Understanding How Property Management Works By:-Flynna Jones
    Property management is directly linked to real estate business. Its main focus is on selling, renting and handling other people's assets such as house. The property manager is considered to be an asset to an investor that has no time for looking into every property he has.
  • Should you Sell, or Turn Your Home into a Rental Property? By:-Alan Barker
    Real estate owners have many reasons to move. Some of the time it's out of necessity, other times it's simply to move into a more desirable home. In the current economy, and with mortgage interest rates as low as they are, the best long term financial decision is probably to rent a house out rather than sell it at a steep discount.
  • Can a flat be leasehold and freehold? By:-Andy Szebeni
    Common queries among folks new to the theory of leasehold in relation to possessing an apartment are; 'How do I go over to a freehold?', 'How do I make my flat freehold instead of leasehold?', 'How do I procure a freehold instead of a leasehold flat?'. The wording of these questions highlights a common and understandable confusion about the nature of the connection between freehold and leasehold in private residential property.
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