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  • How to Make a Large Dining Room feel Cozier By:-Fiona Creech
    Everyone loves spacious rooms, but there are times when a room can actually be too big and the result is that the space feels cold and impersonal. If a dining room is very large, gathering around the table can feel more like a conference than an inviting dining experience.
  • Insulate Basement Walls for Comfort & Energy Savings By:-Fiona Creech
    When you have an unfinished basement you realize what a mother lode of unused space you have beneath your feet. A finished basement can give you extra living space for a media room, entertainment area, teen or kid's hangout, or even an extra bedroom or two.
  • Door Maintenance Improves Function and Appearance By:-Fiona Creech
    Replacing windows or doors in your home can be an expensive undertaking, so it is a good idea to properly maintain the doors in your home to get as many years of good use from them as possible. Exterior door will probably need a little more attention than your interior doors, because they have to deal with the harsh, outdoor elements.
  • Decorating an Extremely Long Wall Space By:-Jilda Peterson
    Many of the newer homes that are being built are embracing the concept of open space. These homes have large and sometimes vacuous rooms. This style of home lends itself to a busy family, because what time you do spend together, you spend in a shared space.
  • 3 Fab Ideas with Room Dividers By:-Fiona Creech
    A room divider is a great way to add function to a room; for example you can split a large great room into a family room and an office area. A screen is also a great way to add dimension to a room, even if you are not dividing the space into two different areas: For example, a screen set diagonally in a corner softens the harsh angles and makes the room feel more intimate.
  • Condo and Loft Owners: A Springtime To-Do List By:-Andy Asbury
    Spring is just around the corner. As the owner of a condo or loft, there likely is less on your to-do list than there would be if you owned a single-family home. No need to worry about mowing the lawn, making sure the gutters are ready to handle the rain, or replacing storm doors with screen doors, for example. But there are still plenty of things you can do.
  • Basic Steps for Installing a Skylight By:-Jilda Peterson
    A skylight is a great way to add natural light to your home, making even a cloudy day a little brighter. Especially if you live in a northern climate, adding natural light to your home can be beneficial to your mood and overall well-being.
  • Spring Updates for the Family Room By:-Fiona Creech
    Once the long winter months have ended, most people are ready to bring a touch of spring into the family room. When spring finally arrives, it simply feels great to open the windows, let in some fresh air, and listen to the birds cheerfully chirping.
  • Selecting Caulk Colors By:-Fiona Creech
    Finishing a renovation or remodeling project around the home can be truly exciting and rewarding. You feel the pride that comes with accomplishment and the happiness at being able to tell everyone that you did it 'on your own'.
  • Add Space to the Kitchen with a Pocket Door By:-Fiona Creech
    Many times a kitchen will include an interior door that separates the dining room from the kitchen and the swinging door may just eat up too much space. Or you may have a standard door on a pantry that just takes up too much space when the door swings open or closed.
  • Feel Good Flooring Trends By:-Lauren Spencer
    Cork and bamboo continue to be popular flooring choices. Both types of flooring offer a variety of colours and styles, withstand heavy wear, and are made from fast growing crops. Cork is warm to touch, non absorbent, will not trap dirt and fungus, has a cushiony feel, is hypo allergenic, insect resistant, and easy to install. Bamboo on the other hand, is known for its beauty, hardness, and long life.
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