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  • Going Green with Furniture Choices By:-Jilda Peterson
    Many of us are choosing to lead 'greener' lifestyles out of concern for the health of our planet. From compact florescent light bulbs to plug-in electric vehicles, embracing green and reducing our carbon footprint is a desirable and worthy goal.
  • Damage Control: Pest Control for Foreclosed or Short Sale Properties By:-Karim El Sheikh
    One minor problem that can become a major one for the savvy Real Estate-Owned (REO) agent or foreclosure investor are pests. Talk about bugged out! Many foreclosed, short sale and distressed homes suffer from pest invasions simply because the critters move in when the humans move out. Without a homeowner to quell the bees or chase away the rodents, foreclosed homes can quickly become dens of insect inequity.
  • Your Home & Returning 80s Decor By:-Jamie Mathwig
    Many lighting stores offer a range of lighting fixtures that can add bright neon-colored fun to any room in your home. Bright, neon-colored lampshades give a retro look. However, if you're looking to give your home some bright retro lighting, your choices are not limited to lighting fixtures.
  • Adding Chrome to Your Contemporary Living Room By:-Jilda Peterson
    Chrome is so inherently modern that integrating it into your decor is one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure your living room will be brimming with contemporary style. Designing a modern living room is a lot easier than it sounds, especially with the help of chrome.
  • An Only Child and Double Bed Designs By:-Jilda Peterson
    If your child is an 'only child', you probably already know how much fun designing his or her bedroom can be. If your child is older, he or she might even enjoy helping to plan their bedroom's design and decorations. Because there are so many options to choose from, sometimes it can be tricky to decide on only one design.
  • Quick Design Tips for Your First Home By:-David Rainey
    Design tips tend to focus on a main focal point in any given room, and for good reason. This gives you a starting point and allows you to create your design around the focal point. It could be your bed in the bedroom, dining table in the dining room, or the television in the living room. It can be anything as long as it's the major piece, and first thing considered in a room.
  • Choosing and Mounting Curtain Rods By:-Jilda Peterson
    If you are looking to install new window treatments in your home then you probably know that they can be one of the most costly elements of home decor. Covering a lot of windows in a complicated and ornate manner can set your bank account back by several thousand dollars.
  • Smart Furnishing Choices for Limited Budgets By:-Jilda Peterson
    Many home decorators and homeowners alike are learning how to decorate while adhering to a smaller budget. As the economy struggles to achieve recovery and balance, it's more important than ever before to create realistic goals and budgets when decorating.
  • Creating a More Spacious Bedroom by Design By:-Fiona Creech
    Some bedrooms are inherently large, so the feeling of spaciousness is already there. In most cases, however, the average homeowner must live with a bedroom that is adequate but not overly spacious; so there is a need to make the room feel and live larger.
  • Storage Shed Property Upgrade By:-Sean Peterson
    A quick look at what adding a shed can do for your property. From impacting the ability to sell your home through the home value to the actual usage of the storage shed.
  • How to Create Space in Your Condo By:-Andy Asbury
    When you reside in a single-family dwelling, one of the options you have if you run out of space is to put an addition on the home. It may be costly and time-consuming, but it can be done. But if you live in a condo and run short of space, you have no such option. The space you have is the space you have.
  • Creating Symmetry in Living Room Design By:-Fiona Creech
    Symmetry adds a sense of balance to room designed in any style, whether traditional or contemporary. When a room already has symmetrical features and architecture, it is much easier to create symmetrical design.
  • Frugal Furniture Fixes For Speedy Sales By:-Rachel Vanderveen
    Older or worn-out dining room tables can be refinished in the garage if someone in your house is even just a little bit handy, and it can be done for a very minimal cost. Failing that, there is always the option of using a muted table cloth and slip covers for the chairs. Slip covers can update even the oldest looking chairs into modern masterpieces, but remember to always stick with neutral colours.
  • Pitfalls that Make it Difficult to Organize a Home By:-Jilda Peterson
    You can find lots of advice on the best ways to organize a home to make it efficient and clutter free. However, you should also be aware of potential pitfalls so that you can avoid them. If you are getting ready to organize or reorganize your home, read these tips on these pitfalls and how to avoid them.
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