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  • Repairing Your Credit After Foreclosure By:-Karim El Sheikh
    Not everyone is lucky enough to get through the foreclosure crisis unscathed. While some investors are making money off the market through buying, renovating and selling foreclosure homes or bank-owned homes, others are faced with the very real prospect of repairing credit and surviving after a very real foreclosure.
  • Credit Repair Magic Software Makes Fixing Your Own Credit Possible By:-Darin Sewell
    One of the biggest issues that most people face when it comes to fixing their own credit is they have no idea what to do or where to turn for help. If you are one of these people there is hope in the form of an interactive credit repair software called credit repair magic that will make fixing your own credit fast and easy.
  • Credit Card Debt Settlement By:-ChloeB Lowther
    Don't pay thousands of dollars to a debt settlement service that could at worst land you in jail and at best wreck your credit score! Instead you can arrange credit card debt settlement yourself and we tell you how.
  • How To Fix your Credit To Buy a Condo or Loft By:-Andy Asbury
    Banks use credit scores and reports to help them make a decision about you. They will look at your credit score itself, and at your credit report. They want to see how much debt you have, how many credit cards you have open, how many loans you have, and how well you repay your debts. In short, they want to know how much risk they would take on by lending you money. The following steps will help improve your credit and in the lender's eye reduce the risk associated with lending you money to buy a condo or loft.
  • Twelve Easy Steps to Improve Your Credit Score By:-Dimitri Larno
    The availability of good credit is critical in developing and maintaining a prosperous lifestyle. Many of us don't really understand how to create and manage a healthy credit score. Part of it is that we don't take the time and put in the effort to learn about what to do in more detail, and the other part is that when we do, we find a lot of complexity. I sat down with Valeri James owner of Simple Credit Consulting/Training Inc. and asked her for some basic tips, here is what she said.
  • Credit Repair Scams: 10 Warning Signs By:-Tamra Hamblin
    There are companies out there who are working outside of the law in regards to credit repair. This article includes a full list of items to check before hiring an agency to help repair your credit. Finding a good credit repair company is critical to success!
  • The Five Things About You That Contribute To Your Credit Score By:-Abraham Ciwolski
    Banks and other businesses use a person's credit score to decide on personally significant information such as credit amounts, and interest rates on loans; therefore, your score, between 300-850 is very important. Your FICO (Fair Isaac Company) credit score is the one utilized by 90% of financial institutions, and is considered to be the most important credit score. The closer your FICO credit score is to 850 the better.
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