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  • The History of Colorful Capitola, Santa Cruz CA By:-Lauren Spencer
    Although it is questionable where the name Capitola came from, many people believe that it came from Hall's daughter, Lulu. It's possible that she named the resort after a heroine in a series of popular novels she enjoyed reading. Capitola officially began operating as a camping ground and hotel when the Hall family welcomed their first guests in 1874.
  • The Winchester Home: A Spooky Construction Story By:-M Shane
    Think that your renovations take forever? Thank your lucky stars that you don,t have things as hard as Sarah Winchester did. Starting in 1884, the Winchester House was in a constant state of construction and renovation for the next 38 years.
  • Minnesota Property Spotlight: Phoenix on the River in the City By:-Andy Asbury
    A Phoenix in ancient mythology is a beautiful lone bird which lived in the Arabian Desert for 500 or 600 years, only to set itself on fire. Here in Minnesota, our Phoenix on the River is a seventeen-story brick condominium building located at 222 Second Street SE in northeast Minneapolis. If you are enamored with Minnesota scenery, the Phoenix could become the perfect urban cabin or a retirement destination!
  • Historical Real Estate for Sale in Canada By:-Lina Horner
    It is hoped that municipalities and the private sector will be purchasing some of the houses to maintain as tourist destinations, and ultimately keep them intact; however, there are many in isolated areas or in communities where it would be financially prohibitive to buy them. These are the ones that concern the heritage groups, as they will likely be destroyed.
  • Viewing a Different Kind of Home By:-M Shane
    And while The Whitehouse does indeed have its fair share of onlookers, George Washington's plantation home Mount Vernon, in Virginia, attracts hundreds of thousands of history-hungry tourists. It should come as no surprise that Abraham Lincoln's home, in Springfield, Illinois, also draws the crowds, and has done so since it opened to the public, way back in 1887.
  • Denver's Victorian Architectural Styles By:-Calen Brennan
    The Denver Victorian is a common sight, especially in the more historic neighborhoods of the city. These homes were built mostly between the 1880s and 1910 and feature several architectural styles. Denver's Victorians do not represent the entire period, as Denver real estate was developed in the late Victorian period and the styles in vogue at that time held sway.
  • The History of the Capitol Building's Beulah Red Marble By:-Calen Brennan
    There have been reports of images in the stone of famous Colorado and U.S. personages. Molly Brown may be found on the West Wing archway and George Washington can be seen on the West Wing rotunda Wall. There are also more prosaic images, such as a Christmas turkey.
  • The History and Hauntings of Deane House By:-Lina Horner
    One story tells of a woman exploring the basement during a Murder Mystery night encountering an aged First Nations man with long black braids who told her that she 'shouldn't be here' because 'the land was sacred'. A subsequent investigation found no one in the house or on the grounds meeting this description.
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