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  • How to Improve Curb Appeal By:-Lauren Spencer
    When it comes time to sell a home, buyers sometimes get complacent and make the mistake of incorrectly assuming the matter is out of their hands entirely. Selling a house is not simply a matter of calling a real estate professional and handing the job off to them. There are many steps you can take to improve the curb appeal and encumber the unique and compelling character of your home. By being a proactive homeowner you can help to ensure you get the best possible ROI (return on investment) for your home.
  • Top 6 Tips When Preparing to Sell your Home By:-Lauren Spencer
    Paint: Painting ceilings and walls - especially on walls that catch direct daylight any time during the day, is important. Repair any nicks, scratches, cracks or holes in walls, prime and paint. Unless it's been done recently, painting ceilings is also an important upgrade that should not be overlooked - namely in kitchens where grease and stains from splattered food can collect.
  • How to Catch Internet Home Buyers with Great Photos By:-Erika Eaton
    Nothing is more important in marketing a home on the internet than the pictures. Potential buyers, overwhelmed by all the choices, aren't choosing homes so much as eliminating them. Make sure your home isn't eliminated due to amateur photos.
  • Helpful Tips When You Are Selling Your Home By:-Jamie Sarner
    Selling your house is a very time consuming task; however, knowing what to focus on during your preparation can save you time and effort. The key to an advantageous sale is preparation. Below are some helpful tips on preparing your home, so that you hopefully get a quick sale and a good price.
  • I Don't Want to Pay a Realtor But I Can't Sell My House! By:-Karim El Sheikh
    Whether you are trying to sell your house because you have fallen on hard times and have to get out from under a mortgage payment you can no longer afford, or because you are simply in the market for a new home, attempting to sell a house in the current market will test even the most experienced Realtor.
  • Renovation For Sale: Low Cost Options With High Impact Style By:-Judy Ballard
    Concrete countertops are a great option for the do-it-yourselfer who doesn't mind spending a bit more time on the project. Although curing does take some time, concrete countertops can be tinted any color and formed into beautiful curvy shapes. You can even inset other stones into the concrete before it dries to create unique patterns and textural details.
  • 7 Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly By:-Jeremy Hayes
    Selling your home today is not as easy as it was several years ago. Prior to the financial crisis most people are presently experiencing, it was not unusual to put your home up for sale and have multiple offers from several prospective buyers. In these economic times, people are choosing more and more to stay where they are rather than packing up and finding a new home with a larger mortgage. What many people don't think about, however, is that this is indeed the perfect time to purchase a new home. There are fewer buyers competing over houses, low interest rates and people that are so desperate to sell that they are accepting lower offers than they would have last year. As a property investor, I purchase and sell homes no matter the economic climate and, even now I am active buying and selling just takes a bit more work.
  • Should I Work With An Agent To Sell My Home? By:-Anthony Flores
    With times being as hard as they are, many people are trying to circumvent the need to work with real estate agents. However, most people may find that the financially sound decision may be to still work with an agent, even with the commission they receive for their services.
  • Tips for Staging your Waterfront Home By:-M Shane
    For water-view homes that have an outdoor relaxation area, whether it is a deck or an area in the backyard, consider staging those areas as well. Set up an outdoor living room on your sundeck or in your back yard. Stage these outdoor areas so that potential buyers feel invited to sit and enjoy them. If they feel comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the view, they might be more inclined to buy the home.
  • All the World's A Stage! By:-M Shane
    There are lots of ideas about how to improve your chances of finding a suitable buyer. Established favourites such as brewing fresh coffee or baking bread, to imbrue the property with a 'homey' feel certainly seem to help, but there are numerous other key areas that are worthy of serious consideration.
  • Preparing Your Home For Sale By:-Meagan Young
    When you sell a home you need to prep and stage it. You want to sell your home for top dollar and sell fast! Here is how to make your home marketable and to make it so others will want to buy it.
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