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  • Toronto Condos Going Green By:-Joy Paterson
    Toronto is going green. I’m sure you’ve noticed a large majority of Grocery stores in Toronto are now encouraging shoppers to bring their own recyclable grocery bags. As well, Torontonians took part in the earth hour which demonstrates that we are becoming more aware of our environment. Did you ever think about living your every day life more green? Well now you can as Toronto has jumped on green band wagon with over 2,000 green condos units.
  • Building Trends to Watch For By:-Melanie Speed
    You'll be seeing fewer of the sprawling McMansion designs as buyers opt for smaller homes with efficient designs. Only about 14 percent of the homes built in the U.S. have ceilings higher than 9 feet. The upscale features such as granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and spa bathrooms will still be present.
  • Going Green in Okotoks Alberta By:-M Shane
    Determined to build an environmentally responsible community, "About 10 years ago, the folks there decided they were going to live within their local environmental means. Today Okotoks can fairly call itself the greenest community in Canada." —Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • Energy Perks for Home Buyers By:-Tina Fountain
    When purchasing a new house you want to ensure everything is in good working order and the structure is sound. With the rising cost of energy prices there are certain perks to watch for that may minimize those monthly utility bills. If you're selling a house that has any of these features, make sure to mention it to your agent when marketing your home.
  • Turning Your Home In To Green By:-Paul Escobedo
    Going in green has become more than a trend. Here in the coming years I believe it will be a standard. I have gathered some helpful tips for you to turn your current home a little greener.
  • Las Casas Verdes - Green Building in Austin By:-Lesa Parham
    If the developers are able to successfully achieve their goals and simultaneously make a profit, this could lead to a green building revolution in the Texas market. Hopefully we'll see other builders jumping on the bandwagon marketing similar subdivisions.
  • Oakland’s First Residential Green Building Legislation By:-Paul Escobedo
    As home builder associations nationwide are making more of an effort to produce environment friendly housing, so too has the Home Builders Association of Northern California. The HBANC met with Ignacio De La Fuente, Oakland City Council President, to create the city’s first residential Green Building legislation.
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