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  • The Future of Real Estate By:-Adam Walker
    The future of real estate is changing at high speed. In the future, Realtors® who form teams and design, build and run their business like a business will continue to thrive and prosper, while individuals doing it on their own will be left behind.
  • Is YOUR name synonymous with anything in particular? Can you change that? By:-austin texashomes
    We have a LOT of gadgets around our house: DVRs, multiple video game systems, PDAs, digital cameras, five computers (two desktops, three notebooks), three flat-panel LCD TV's, and so on. I was just looking at my Netflix list a few minutes ago, and I realized that there are a litany of new words in our national lexicon that didn't even exist ten years ago.
  • Realtor Loyalties By:-Jason Deines
    Realtors have an important role when it comes to buying and selling real estate. It is their role to bring buyers and sellers together. Without the assistance of local realtors it would be much more complicated to complete a real estate transaction.
  • Choosing The Right Waterfront Real Estate Agent By:-Hubert Miles
    You’ve made the decision to buy a waterfront home. Now, it’s time to choose a real estate agent to help you find your perfect home. Many buyers looking for waterfront property rely on the agent to find qualified properties that fit their criteria since these buyers usually live in other states. Here are seven things you should know before choosing your agent.
  • Ask Your Real Estate Agent These Questions By:-Richard Brazil
    A real estate agent is a person licensed by a state to represent a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction in exchange for a commission. They work in association with a real estate broker or a brokerage company. Smart customers always want an agent who will help and guide them to find a suitable home that meets their needs and can get them through closing without any hassle.
  • What Is A Real Estate Wholesaler By:-David Cowley
    A real estate wholesaler is someone that purchases or takes control of properties that have a lot of equity in them and sells the properties to investors for a profit. Just like a wholesaler of washing machines the wholesaler is trying to sell his products to retailers, rehabbers, investors and in some cases to the end consumer.
  • What Is A Real Estate LLC By:-David Cowley
    Note first of all that LLC stands for Limited Liability Company, and as the name implies, it limits the liability of the owner or owners of the company. A LLC would then allow for more than one person to become owners of that company without having to form a joint partnership and without one being the sole owner or proprietor of the business.
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