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  • Why A Foreclosed Home Can Be Your Dream Home By:-Karim El Sheikh
    For a growing family and those who wish to start their own families, finding the perfect place to live in is such a stressful and daunting task. Some families have grown content in a rent a house set up; this is primarily because they equate buying their own house to having their pockets emptied and being dragged into a hole known as mortgage loan.
  • Foreclosure Funding and Finance By:-Jacquelyn Marks
    If you are wondering, where you are going to get funding for your future foreclosure investments, then now is the time to shed yourself of pre-conceived notions and learn from the best. Buying foreclosed homes, short sale properties or bank-owned estates may not be your idea of a get-rich quick scheme (and it is not).
  • Understanding Basic Foreclosure Terms By:-Karim El Sheikh
    When dealing with foreclosure property or purchasing foreclosure homes, it is important for the average layman to understand the complicated terms used during transactions. This will provide an important cornerstone of how you handle the foreclosure market and the purchases or sales you make. In many cases, it can make the difference between closing a sale or losing your investment.
  • Capitalizing into the Right Investment Opportunities By:-Jacquelyn Marks
    Imagine one has the money and the desire to buy a property. So, what happens then? Thousands of homebuyers, like you, are stuck in the middle of the same dilemma. They are itching to get their hands on real estate properties but do not have a clue on where and how to start.
  • Figuring Out New York Foreclosures By:-Karim El Sheikh
    Before getting into the foreclosure business, you have to make sure that you are familiar with the ins-and-outs of foreclosure laws since they vary from state to state. Not only that, they will directly affect everything from buying foreclosed homes, short sale options and even tax sales. State laws govern everything from preforeclosure to closing a sale and knowing the letter of the law can make a difference between finalizing a sale and losing your investment.
  • Tax Sales: Excellent Returns for Minimum Principal By:-Karim El Sheikh
    Paying someone else's taxes may not seem like the smartest thing to do, but when it comes to foreclosed properties you might consider making the investment. This is one of the ways government agencies like your local county try to collect on back or delinquent taxes. While there are a few risks, many consider tax sales to be a win-win situation no matter which type you invest in.
  • Foreclosed Homes Can Be A Great Buy - Here's What They're Not Telling You By:-Karim El Sheikh
    Whenever a bank forecloses on a property, it is bad news for the bank and for the owner of the mortgage. That is a loss on both sides. So here is what they are not telling you about foreclosure and what you can do when you see listings for foreclosed homes for sale. Take advantage of the foreclosure process and its results so you can buy and live in your dream home.
  • What to Watch Out For When Buying Up a Foreclosed Property By:-Jacquelyn Marks
    Foreclosures are a great investment for those looking to enter the real estate market as a landowner. These home foreclosures, however, are often sold 'as is', meaning that you get what you see. This presents a series of problems for the careless buyer, as faults and defects could easily turn a potential investment into a financial nightmare.
  • Government Foreclosures and How to Find a Deal By:-Karim El Sheikh
    There are a variety of reasons why the government would choose to foreclose on a property, with mortgage being only one of them. Taxes are another reason, as well as assessments, liens, fees and even unpaid utility bills. To make up for losses, the government usually chooses to sell them through agencies such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (hence listings for HUD homes).
  • Foreclosures Since 2007 in the United States By:-Jacquelyn Marks
    The period since 2007 will go down in history books as the 'era of foreclosures' in the United States. While we are by no means at the end of this 'era', the sheer length of the continued time of record number of foreclosures is already staggering and comparable to the great depression.
  • The Foreclosure Market: One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure By:-Jacquelyn Marks
    One often associates the word, 'foreclosure', with a lack of money or nonpayment. Yes, these are reasons that people can lose their homes. However, regardless of the stigma, there is money to be made on foreclosure homes. The Recession has decreased the employment rate and increased the number of foreclosures in the United States. In turn, the real estate market has shifted, and we are now in a buyer's market.
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