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  • How to pre-qualify potential tenants By:-Eugene Hacker
    How do you make sure the applicant fulfills the income and credit requirements to rent from you? Many landlords simply arrange to meet the tenant at the tenant's convenience and only after showing the unit and answering the tenant's questions do they ask for a credit application. This can be a huge hassle and waste of time if the tenant does not qualify.
  • Tips on Being a Landlord By:-Tim Caffrey
    Usually some of the best real estate investors have been landlords or property managers. Some investors say this is the best way to really know what real estate investing is all about. At first you are excited, then when the headaches start you wonder what the heck are you doing?
  • Self-Storage Occupancy Key to Finding More Business By:-Scott Meyers
    The self-storage industry might be a victim of its own success. There is a supply versus demand discrepancy that at one time wasn't a problem, and new facilities were sprouting everywhere. Today's economy, however, has made it more difficult for the industry to support virtually anymore expansion. Indeed, the focus now is to hang onto the present clientele during a time when self-storage businesses need to try any idea that might improve sales.
  • Is it Wise to be Friends with Your Tenants? By:-Tim Caffrey
    Most real estate investors say that you should never become friends with your tenants. This could lead to problems in the future. Your friends could potentially take advantage of the situation and do things like being late on rent. They do this because they know you would never do anything to them. It's totally fine to be friendly with your tenants of course, but just be sure and be firm with what you told them up front. You cannot let them slide on things like being a few days late on rent because it will eventually become a pattern which could lead to headaches down the road.
  • Rental Property Renovations? Better Check the RRP By:-Jonathan Kostyra
    If you're hoping to renovate rental property that you rent to families or to people providing childcare, it's a good idea to see if the April 22, 2010 Renovation, Repair and Remodeling (RRP) rule applies to you. In order to prevent lead contamination of homes or property that you are renovating, certain procedures and cautions must be observed in older homes. This rule now requires that renovations to properties built before 1978 be conducted by a person or people who are certified in lead-safe work practices by a trainer accredited by the EPA.
  • Important Things You Should Know about Your Homeowners Association By:-Faith Warner
    You should always do your best in understanding basic features and role of your homeowners association. Once you have learned to understand why they implement various rules, you would feel more encouraged in becoming a resident who always adheres to important community regulations and restrictions. Once this happens, you would finally avoid any source of conflict with your homeowners association.
  • Learning the True Meaning of HOA By:-Flynna Jones
    It is no wonder why many people want to live or stay in a subdivision. Why not? You have gone to subdivisions every now and then maybe to visit a friend or a relative. Perhaps you have noticed how life goes in there. How the people live their lives.
  • Getting to Know HOA By:-Roby Hicks
    HOA rules are implemented in every community for homeowners to avoid fines and penalties. However, do we really have an idea what HOA is and why this association was made? HOA is an acronym for Homeowners Association. Every community has an association for the shared properties to be protected and maintained. Each organization has rules and regulations that serve as guidelines to residents in the neighborhood. Condominiums and townhouses also have their own HOAs.
  • HOA: What is this All About By:-Vicki Hat
    There are different kinds of communities that you can live in. There is one for the horse lovers, the golf players, the retirees and many others. There is like a whole bunch of planned community to group people with the same interest.
  • Unoccupied Property: The Landlords Bane By:-kath wong
    No landlord wants an unoccupied property, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Following the tips in this article can help make dealing with an unoccupied property easier and help those who's properties are still occupied from getting into that situation in the first place.
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