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  • Adding a Fireplace to a Master Bedroom By:-Fiona Creech
    Few decorative elements add as much romance to any room as a fireplace, and in a bedroom, a fireplace has the potential to ignite the flames of passion. And it makes an irresistible focal point.
  • New Look for Your Home without Breaking the Bank By:-Eshkarvin Kenezer
    Every few years or so, homeowners would usually have the itch to improve, modify and just generally give the home a good sprucing up. The walls do not look as clean and fresh as before, the sofa looks a little bit depressed in its cushions and the carpet in the living room looks like it has seen better days. However, shopping around and comparing prices to replace everything that seems old is actually a tad bit too expensive. So what do you do? Hopefully, this article will provide you with a few tips to give your home a new look without the need to sell off your cars or break your bank.
  • Home Heating Systems: All Heat Is Not Created Equal By:-Carlos Montes
    There is a wide range of brands for gas furnaces - basically, they all offer similar features, capabilities, and efficiencies. If you buy a gas furnace, ensure that the furnace is the right size to heat your home. It should be large enough to heat your home but not so large that it cycles on and off frequently, wearing out the components and wasting energy.
  • Paint Tricks You Must Know By:-Fiona Creech
    Creating a fabulous look using paint is altogether possible, if you know the tricks of the 'trade'. You can create a look that is just as unique as you are, usually by trying something beyond the traditional paint over top primer that everyone else is doing.
  • Metallic Paint for a Fun, Modern Look By:-Fiona Creech
    When considering paint for traditional decor, there are many different sources for inspiration for your design. Television shows, product catalogs, books, websites, and decor magazines are just a few of the sources that we use to draw inspiration for our decor. Because of the long and very much documented history of traditional decor, it is a simple matter to get a great, traditional look in any room.
  • Add Functionality and Space with a Kitchen Pocket Door By:-Fiona Creech
    When room space is at a premium, separating the various areas of your home can sometimes pose a difficult challenge. If you want to provide a way to separate the kitchen from the other areas of your home, using a full-size door might not be a viable option. Instead of simply giving up, try using a pocket door.
  • Home Remodeling Ideas to Save Money and Frustration! By:-Durand Demlow
    Your home remodeling ideas don't need to be put on the back burner waiting for the economy to turn around or for your situation to improve. If you'll get creative and learn to think a little differently, you can still add improvements while adding to your bottom line!
  • Strategies for Decorating while Maintaining a Budget By:-Fiona Creech
    We'd all love to redecorate and have the latest and greatest gadgets, trendiest furnishings and original works of art. However, for most of us, the reality is that we have to live within a budget and items like the house payment, groceries and gas to get to and from work have to come before new wall decor or eco-friendly bamboo flooring.
  • Budget Ideas for Decorating like a Pro By:-Fiona Creech
    While there are those among us who can hire a professional decorator to redesign our interiors, for most people, redecorating is a DIY project. And there's nothing wrong with this: In fact, by just learning more about the tricks used by the pros and injecting your own personality, you can get sensational results and still live within your means.
  • Adding Function & Style with Family Room Shelving By:-Fiona Creech
    Shelving is a great storage solution for any room and they are particularly useful in the family room. Shelving lets you keep necessities like remote controls, magazines and books, games and toys handy, but everything still looks neat and tidy.
  • 3 Steps to Perfectly Hung Wall Paper By:-Fiona Creech
    Wallpaper is a wonderful medium for adding distinctive color, pattern and style to any room and with so many styles available, it's not difficult to find a variety of wallpaper that perfectly suits your style. If you’ve never hung wallpaper before, here are 3 steps that will give you spectacular results.
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