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  • Homemade Energy - How DIY Solar Power kits Can Save You $1000's By:-Jon Elsdon
    The rising cost of energy is leading a lot of consumers to look toward homemade energy sources for their energy needs. There are a number of homemade energy alternatives, built perhaps the most viable ones appear to be wind power and solar energy. Wind Power is more of a supplement to traditional energy resources as it is dependent on weather conditions and does not generate massive amounts of energy, certainly not enough to run a modern household. Solar energy on the other hand can make up a significant part of your energy needs.
  • How to Make a Solar Panel - Homemade Solar Panels By:-Jon Elsdon
    Until recently how to make a solar panel was a process thought by most people to be only undertaken by experts in the area. Fortunately this is nonsense, solar power panels can easily be built by the average handy person with materials you can get from your local hardware store for around $200.
  • Easy Ways to Spot Energy-Efficient Appliances for your Home By:-Flynna Jones
    To live a comfortable life today means a home filled with appliances and gadgets. In fact the ushering in of the hi-tech era calls for more than just the basic of these appliances but for a more advanced model of appliances with all the multi function features in each of them.
  • The Importance of Installing Solar Panels in your Home By:-Flynna Jones
    The advent of solar panels has brought about major questions about its viability. Some say now is the right time to install a solar panel in your home. With the increasing cost of energy in our planet they say solar panels are the most viable answer to the problem.
  • Solar Panels - Are these For Your Homes By:-Vicki Hat
    Solar panels are the talk of the time. Now that people are growing more environmental conscious, many have considered having this installed in their homes. This device has been proven beneficial to the many homeowners who have been using them. And over time, it has become more popular and a must buy for those who wants to be able to save money.
  • Investing in Solar Power for Your Home By:-Lauren Spencer
    The cost of utilities in many parts of the country has become increasingly expensive; as a result an increasing number of home owners are looking at incorporating green options into their homes to help offset or even eradicate the high costs of powering their homes.
  • Finding Draft Spots for Heat Escape: How to Fix them By:-Vicki Hat
    How many times have you thought your home hasn't warmed well during cold seasons? How many times have you experienced having to blast your heaters just to achieve the level of comfort that you want? And how many times have you had to pay so much for your electricity bills that resulted to sacrificing your other important needs? If you have been experiencing these lately, especially now that it is winter time, you must have your home expected for draft spots.
  • Should I Install an Active Or Passive Solar Heating System? By:-Andy Groves
    The sun provides more than enough free energy everyday to completely eliminate the need to burn fossil fuels if we could harvest it. This solar energy comes to us in many forms and solar heating is one of the ways we can harness this free resource to lower our dependence on other less-renewable fuels.
  • DIY Solar Power - Living Off the Grid By:-Jon Elsdon
    Just imagine it, coming home after work, putting your feet up on the couch, television on, stereo blaring and all the lights on in the house... now imagine you don't feel any guilt about the impact your having on the environment or the pain in your wallet doesn't exist. Welcome to living off the grid
  • What Costs Are Involved With Energy Efficient Windows? By:-Abraham Ciwolski
    There is a huge push presently for property owners to build 'eco-friendly' or to renovate their homes to be more energy efficient. The initial cost of 'eco-friendly' building materials and energy efficient windows and appliances might appear overwhelming to a lot of homeowners. Making your property more energy efficient will hold up in a cost benefit analysis; here are a few of the ways it could help you.
  • Build Your Own Cheap Solar Panels By:-Jon Elsdon
    Solar energy is without a doubt today's number one alternative energy choice. It is no wonder then that one of the most searched for terms on the internet is cheap solar panels.
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