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  • What to Try to Find in Makati Office Space By:-Yolly Balle
    Makati provides lots of commercial office space obtainable for any kind of entrepreneur. Most of these choices are good and can fulfill the requirements of any kind of business. Even so, it is still advantageous to comprehend what actually your business needs in commercial office space before making a decision to buy.
  • Defaults in Commercial Mortgages Slow Down By:-Rudson Tren
    Default rate in commercial property loans continued to rise in the third quarter but in a significantly slower rate. Analysts take it as a positive sign that the housing market is in the road to recovery.
  • Commercial Comparable sales - Sales Comparison Approach By:-Patrick Oconnor
    Commercial comparable sales are the building block of the sales comparison approach. The quality and quantity of comparable sales data impacts the reliability of the sales comparison approach. Selecting comparable sales that are most similar to the subject property requires analysis and judgment.
  • Picking the Best Office for Rent in Makati By:-Eddie De Jesus
    Manila real estate for business has grown a lot during the past decade. Getting an office space in Makati is good for any company looking to expand. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for an office space in Makati.
  • Hunting For The Right Commercial Office Space By:-Brian Lewis
    Every business needs somewhere to work, in other words, office space, whether you are just starting up or if you are already established. The basic fact is that you need to have somewhere to sit down and conduct your business, and also to meet with clients. If you are living in a big city, or even a relatively small sized one, it can seem quite daunting to find the right office space for your business. There are some simple ways of narrowing on the search so that you find the right commercial office space for your business.
  • Comparable Sales Confirmation By:-Patrick Oconnor
    Comparable sales are the key ingredients in performing the sales comparison analysis. The sales comparison analysis is one of three primary approaches to valuing real estate.
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