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  • What Is The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)? By:-AJ Cibok
    The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a system that enables real estate brokers to communicate property listings. The concept dates back to the late nineteenth century when brokers gathered informally at local association offices and shared details about properties they were hopeful to sell. Commissions were provided as incentives for help in finalizing certain sales. The unspoken code of the real estate market soon became a product of that old saying about 'one hand washing the other' (even though in this instance, the hand refers to property).
  • A Realtor With A GRI Title: How It Can Help You During The Home-Buying Process By:-AJ Cibok
    The process of purchasing a home brings on complications and stress, even for the most educated and seasoned buyer. Not only is there a lot of money at stake in most real estate dealings, but it can often have an emotional toll on a purchaser, particularly if there are families with young children concerned. Navigating the sphere of real estate dealings can be a tricky task, even in a buyer's market.
  • What Makes a Professional Realtor? By:-Jamie Mathwig
    The professional is a little early. They know that life can interfere with the normal workday, so they aim to arrive at appointments between 10 and 15 minutes early. If they are late, they always call and apologize. They respect the clients' time and that of their colleagues.
  • What are their Differences Between a Buyer's Agent and Seller's Agent By:-Flynna Jones
    One of your biggest investments is your house. Thus, you want to be sure that before you engage into the home buyer process, everything is prepared. Of course, you would want to have a smooth flow of the whole procedure. For first home buyers, this process can really be complicated. There are phases wherein you have to take them one step at a time.
  • Is Your Blog Going Down A Slippery Slope? By:-Gary Lundholm
    However, when things become hairy is when you use your business blog or a blog that is traceable back to you in a way that attacks another person or people who believe in a different ideology. Not only this is bad for business, it could also potentially end up with a lawsuit, as the Fair Housing Act prohibits discriminating against people for race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin and disability when it comes to housing.
  • Differentiating Buyers' Agent from Sellers' Agent By:-Roby Hicks
    A home is a major investment. This is why we want to make sure that everything goes smoothly during the purchasing process. It is likely to encounter issues during the course of the transaction. This is due to the number of processes we have to deal with. This is why real estate agents are necessary. They can make the entire process a lot easier. We do not have to deal with the paper works because our agent is going to take care of that for us. We can also turn to an agent if we wish to sell our home. Sellers' agents will help us sell our home for the best value.
  • The Techno File By:-M Shane
    Agents are now practically available round the clock. They are the proud owners of just about every communication tool known to humankind. They are constantly looking for new apps for their smartphones, and investing in the latest bluetooth technology to ensure that they are always 'in the office'. An incredible number of agents are becoming increasingly tech savvy, and many already regard emails and texts as quaint - almost the equivalent of old-fashioned letter writing!
  • Top Noida Property Dealers to Strike the Best Deal By:-Aadi Sharma
    With the aid of Noida property dealers much of your task of buying, selling or renting of properties in the city would become easy. The dealer would help you to determine the right price for which you should buy or sell property. Sometimes, they would even help you in settling down with the complex litigation process. As the the NCR town has a thriving real estate market, the role of Noida property dealers indeed become quite significant.
  • Gurgaon Property Dealers for Best Real Estate Services By:-Aadi Sharma
    Buying property not only comprises of searching for a good real estate but also executing the entire litigation process. The Gurgaon property dealers are prompt and efficient enough to serve you with the best possible real estate deal. They would also help you to complete all legal formalities related to it.
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