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  • Lead Paint and Asbestos By:-Sonia Smith
    Older homes have great possibilities of containing lead paint and asbestos. If buying an older home is what you prefer, make sure to test it for these two harmful chemicals and have them removed before you live in it.
  • Dearborn Eliminates Escrow Prior to Home Inspection By:-John Cutts
    The city of Dearborn in Michigan has passed a rule that eliminates the escrow policy requiring homebuyers to deposit an amount equal to the expenses that will be used for repairs. Although the escrow gets returned to buyers after home inspection, some deemed that the policy burdens homebuyers.
  • The Out of Town Appraiser Has Arrived! By:-Andy Denton
    Why these so-called 'experts' are costing us big dollars. As a repercussion, no local appraisers are willing to work with them anymore and out-of-town recruits come to steal the show…often leaving disastrous results.
  • Home Inspection - Expect the Unexpected By:-Flynna Jones
    As you continue buying or selling a property, there are indispensable and very vital elements that must be taken into consideration. One of the very important requirements when you enter in home buying process is home inspection.
  • House Inspection Gone Wrong Resulted in Lawsuit By:-John Cutts
    A couple from Kanawha, West Virginia has filed a lawsuit against a property inspector for alleged negligent house inspection. The plaintiffs claimed that they were given assurance that there were no safety problems in the house, but this was allegedly proven wrong once the couple made the purchase.
  • Home Inspection and Its Importance By:-Roby Hicks
    When you purchase a property, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your money. In order to do this, you check your property thoroughly. You even work with a professional inspector to know the real state of the property. But why is home inspection important? Can you just repair the damages when you encounter them?
  • Ways to Protect Your Home from Toxic Mold By:-Fredrica Smith
    Toxic molds are called as such due to the harmful spores the fungi itself produces. These have mycotoxins that can harm humans through cytoxicity. Through this process, the released mold spores would kill living cells they have contact with in order to eliminate competition for resources. So if molds are present in your home, you and your family are in danger of having health problems. You must prioritize then to implement mold control measures in your home.
  • Property Inspection Program Being Developed in Troy By:-John Cutts
    The city of Troy in New York has started developing a property inspection program which aims to look in on rental properties in an effort to improve neighborhoods in the area. Local officials have revealed that the program has been considered long before the start of its development.
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