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  • Home Builders in Favor of Latest Housing Bill By:-Paul Escobedo
    Richard J. Dugas, Jr., president and CEO of Pulte Homes, believes that the recent housing bill to be approved by the Bush administration is exactly what the housing industry needs to help reduce inventories and for stabilizing home prices.
  • Understanding Credit Cards Impact On Your Credit Report By:-Samtron
    In this day in age, credit cards are extremely important and popular. It is estimated that millions of people carry at least one credit card, this does not account for people who carry two or more. Credit cards are readily available, they are available to people with good credit and even people with bad credit. However, the one thing for any credit card holder to remember is that they tend to have a great impact, good or bad, on a person's credit report.
  • How Do Reverse Mortgages Work By:-David Cowley
    First of all, it's important to understand that reverse mortgages are advertised to seniors not because they are some type of scam but because they are only available to those 62 and over in the United States. Sorry, but you must be a senior to be eligible.
  • The Problems Caused By Sub-prime Mortgages By:-David Cowley
    The term "sub-prime mortgages" applies to those mortgages that were approved for those whom many banks would have turned down. This may include those with a spotty credit history or who earned less than most banks would think is the minimum salary requirement to be eligible for a mortgage. Some years back, many smaller mortgage companies sprang up with more relaxed requirements for those applying for mortgages, and the term sub-prime mortgages began to be used for these applicants.
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