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  • Help! Iím Selling My Home By:-Jason Deines
    For someone thatís never sold a home before, it can be a time of stress and frustration. Fortunately, if you can remember the home buying experience for your current home you have a good idea of what you will to have to deal with. It is the home buying process in reverse.
  • Donít Fail to Plan When Selling Your Home By:-Jason Deines
    Remember the first time you saw your home? Remember how it felt to move in and make it yours? Adding the finishing touches, planting flowers or relaxing on the patio can be one of the most satisfying moments in home ownership. Homes are much like their owners, they take on the personality of the individuals whom occupy them adding a special uniqueness to them.
  • Tips to Sell Your House Now By:-Nancy Spivey
    There is a huge supply of houses on the market and enough inventory to last for months, thus creating stiff competition. However, there is hope! In a market like this, you must look at what you can control ó and the good news is that there is a lot that you can control.
  • How To Sell Your Home in 2 Weeks In This Market By:-Joe Bean
    Market to the 70% that have been locked out by lenders due to the credit crunch and become an answer to the problem most buyers have. Find out how Realtors, builders, investors and owners can increase their closings by over 500% and have buyers begging to sell them their home.
  • How Do 1031 Deferred Exchanges Work By:-David Cowley
    The IRS Code provides for a deferment of taxes on the disposal of a property if that property is replaced with the reinvestment of the proceeds from the sale into another property of equal or greater value. The arrangement of 1031 deferred exchanges provides for the idea that there has been no real equity from the sale of the property since it has been traded or exchanged for property of approximately the same value.
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