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  • 3 Notable Places to Visit in Charleston By:-Roxanna Morey
    Which once stood on Morris Island for hundreds of years is now eerily surrounded by water. The Old Charleston Lighthouse was built in 1767 and is notably one of the first lighthouses along the eastern shoreline. In a quaint setting used to sit an old light keepersí house nestled up next to the lighthouse. All that remains is the lone lighthouse over 1/4 of a mile away from any dry land. Due to considerable erosion, the house and many buildings which were part of the light station, have disappeared. Although the Old Charleston Lighthouse has been replaced by the New Charleston Lighthouse on Sullivanís Island, you canít leave Charleston without seeing a piece of the past. This beloved historic landmark is part of Charlestonís overall charm and great efforts have been made so that it can remain so for generations to come.
  • Cape escapades By:-Homes Overseas
    After being touted by many as the next big thing and a destination you should invest in a few years ago, how is Cape Verde fairing now?
  • Buying Beachfront Property in Mexico By:-Tom Budniak
    Buying beachfront property in Mexico for either vacation or retirement is a process that requires a fair amount of research and planning. Deciding on the perfect beachfront property is difficult as Mexico is littered with scads of beautiful beaches, any one of which would provide the perfect location for a dream home.
  • The Copper Canyon-Natural Wonders in Mexico By:-Tom Budniak
    The Sierra Madre Range is a wonderful place to visit or live. Foreigners looking for real estate in Mexico will want to contact a local Mexico real estate professional to discuss ownership options available in this beautiful area.
  • Viewing Humpback Whale in Mexico By:-Tom Budniak
    One of the greatest things about owning a vacation or retirement home on the beach is enjoying the wildlife that pass by. Humpback whales arrive at Bahia de Banderas, regarded as one of the largest and most beautiful bays in the world, to escape the cold winter weather.
  • Spain become a a buyer's market in 2008 By:-Mahindra Dey
    Overseas property investors in Spain now have far more influence on the housing market due to the recent downturn in the Spanish property market and purchasers now have far more "pulling power" during the purchase process. Consequently, those who are selling their properties have to make far more concessions to concerned parties, as they may only be dealing with few prospective buyers.
  • Turkish property ultra-lavish lifestyle in affordable prices By:-Mahindra Dey
    Turkish housing market offers great value for property investors looking to buy property abroad particularly when compared to the other European housing market. The economic growth in the country has created good environment for foreign property buyers, as house prices are pushed upwards.
  • Latest property trends and investment opportunities in Brazil By:-Mahindra Dey
    Brazil is a hot and sizzling country, renowned for its spectacular world-class football, colorful carnivals and wonderful music. According to, Brazil offers breathtaking natural beauty away from the coastline, historical cities, huge racial diversity, varied and affordable gastronomy, vibrant and colorful culture, and the friendly people of Brazil, all together would be welcoming and appealing to investors eying the Brazilian property market.
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