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  • Make Your New Home Secure By:-Todd Levinson
    The excitement of moving into a new home may cause many necessary steps to be overlooked when it comes to preserving you and your family's safety. Never consider yourself completely moved in until you have done the following:
  • Secure Your Home Whilst You Are Away On Holiday By:-Simon Smith
    Well we all like to go on holiday even for a short break somewhere, but we need to know that when we're away that our home and all its contents will be safe. Your home is vulnerable you're not there, so never advertise that you're going away on holiday.
  • Home Security - Deterring Intruders By:-Bob Garret
    The term 'home security' can mean many different things to different people. This article will give a brief summary of some of the aspects to consider when attempting to keep your home secure from intruders.
  • Home Security: Protecting Your New Home By:-Leslie Eskildsen
    The level of home security that will feel comfortable to you will have a lot to do with how you feel about your new environment and how vulnerable you might feel in general. If you live alone, you might need a higher level of security to feel comfortable in a new neighborhood where you are unused to the sounds and activity outside especially at night.
  • How To Save Money By Having Better Security By:-Jim Newell
    In today’s economy finding ways to save money can really help the bottom line. Business and Homeowners insurance rates have been climbing for the last few years, however did you know that there may be discounts given for having specific security systems or security inspections?
  • Home Break In Quiz (or How Do Burglar's Think?) By:-Lauren Kline
    Burglars prefer to rob a home that is unoccupied, so anything you can do to make your home appear lived in will lessen your chances of being robbed. Install exterior motion lights, always have a car in the driveway, have radios and TVs on timers so that they may occasionally go on even when you're not home, and stop newspaper delivery when you're not around.
  • Home Sale Safety: Protect Your Home, Your Agent and Yourself By:-Ted Guarnero
    Selling your home requires that you open your house to strangers and allow them access to areas that would normally only be open to trusted friends and family. Unfortunately, we can't trust everyone, even those who "look okay". Securing your home and property against crime is a good step to take, especially when you are allowing people you don't know to come inside. Protecting the interests of your real estate agent is also a big step in this endeavor.
  • What Is Your Security Awareness IQ? By:-Jim Newell
    An old adage states that "locks only keep honest people honest", and is possibly very true. If the "bad guys" really want to get in, all we can really hope for is to slow them down. If you, with our help, choose and have installed the correct hardware and/or systems, we CAN slow them down - or at least discourage them from threatening your loved ones and your property.
  • Is Your Business Property Safe And Secure? By:-Jim Newell
    Professional Locksmiths, System Integrators, Alarm Technicians, CCTV Installers and other Security Professionals provide the products and services necessary to create a safe and secure workplace for you and your employees.
  • Securing Your Castle By:-Jim Newell
    In the world of today, we no longer employ the moat, drawbridge or 30 foot high walls as security devices. However, if we know the correct methods and devices to use, we can attain better security than those devices afforded.
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