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  • Property Tax for Buying House in India By:-Aadi Sharma
    Under the Income Tax Act, property is considered as one of the heads of income. Hence, tax is levied on it. In India, property includes flats, buildings, shops and such. Though land itself is excluded from this kind of tax, but the one adjacent to apartments and houses is accounted to be a property and hence, falls under the tax.
  • You Think Your Landlord is Tough... By:-Jamie Mathwig
    The permits were granted as a 99 year lease and cabin owners were charged a minimal annual rate that made it affordable for most everyone. Approximately 20,000 permits were issued up until the early 60's when the program ended. For those who were lucky enough to have a permit, their cabins have been passed down through generations, forming traditions and memories; however, they are now at risk of losing them.
  • Tax Reduction Affected by Cost Segregation By:-Patrick Oconnor
    Tax reduction is just one of the benefits of cost segregation. Many real estate owners and tax preparers believe cost segregation simply defers payment of taxes. While they recognize it effectively generates an interest-free loan from the government, they do not understand it also provides tax reductions in most cases.
  • Review Your Real Estate Property Assessment By:-Alan Trauger
    Property owners should demand a say in their assessments. It is important for homeowners to review their assessments, just as they would their insurance bill, telephone, credit card bills, and etc. How many discrepancies have been found in these statements. Your property tax bill is no different.
  • Real Estate Property Tax Appeal By:-Alan Trauger
    Most property owners are not aware if they are being overcharged and over-assessed on their real property taxes. The government likes being in this position, keeping you in the dark at how they arrived at your assessed value. Before you pay the tax bill, shouldn't you check out the accuracy.
  • Preparing for Binding Arbitration By:-Patrick Oconnor
    For many homeowners, the property tax appeal process can seem too difficult and therefore only about 8% appeal even though 70% of those who do appeal are successful. Most homeowners also do not realize that their appeal can be resolved at the informal hearing.
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