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  • Tax advantages of a Rental Property By:-Fredrica Smith
    A rental property is a very lucrative business as you retain the ownership of the property and at the same time earn an income from it. Not only this, rental properties enjoy a lot of tax advantages. For example, expenses incurred on the property such as repairs are deductible.
  • Guidelines for Property Owners in Permitting Section 8 Rentals By:-Rose B
    First of all, as a landlord, you need to familiarize yourself how the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 Rental Voucher Program works. Families with low incomes are qualified applicants for this housing assistance program. The approved applicants are given vouchers to pay for their rent. Then you would be paid by the Federal Government through the local Public Housing Agency (PHA).
  • Tips on Finding Good Renters By:-Dennis Mole
    The leasing and rental business is of the risky income generating activities in the real estate industry. When one is engage in such business, the property owner must be ready of the fact that he will be entrusting his piece of property to a stranger occupant for a fixed period of time in exchange for a specific amount. This means that control and maintenance of such property is assumed by the renter. It is in this end that a property owner tends to be very selective on whom they would want to entrust their property for a period of time. There are no hard and fast rules in selecting potential renters. But here are some pointers that may assist the property owner in selecting GOOD renters:
  • Top Ways in Promoting Your Property for Section 8 Rentals By:-Rose B
    Real estate developers, agents and even landlords are faced with many promotional options. The clientele is also diverse. There are still various families who are Section 8 voucher holders. If you are a property owner who has limited renter market, it is time that you include Section 8 renters in your clientele.
  • Home Reassessment Fraud By:-Lynn Bulmer
    Recently, we've seen the 'foreclosure rescue' scams, 'short sale facilitation' scams, and 'loan modification' scams. Now, the West Coast is experiencing a type of tax reassessment fraud, where companies, often posing as government agencies, request a fee for filing a tax assessment appeal.
  • Property Holding Costs By:-Adam Pedley
    Positive cash flow is essential in property, regardless of whether you are owning or investing. You must know what costs are associated with your home and ensure you have the cash flow to support it. Property holding costs vary in every country and state, so you must understand what you are up for.
  • Virtual Retirement Villages By:-Lauren Kline
    This is a quote from the website for Boston's Beacon Hill Village, not a place, but an organization. Founded in 2001, its members consist of a group of residents facing the decision of relocation to retirement communities. They loved their homes and were looking for an alternative to moving, but they needed someplace safe that provided the services they required.
  • Dealing with a Rotten neighbour By:-M Shane
    How do you define a rotten neighbour? A rotten neighbour is somebody who interferes with your enjoyment of your own home. They play music loudly, curse, or laugh obnoxiously at all hours of the day or night. They drive by in their car with the bass turned to supersonic levels and scare the pants off your pets. They essentially make it impossible for you to enjoy quiet time in your house or yard.
  • What Else Can Your Home Do For You? By:-M Shane
    If you just want a straightforward home with a straightforward mortgage, you donít have to bother answering this question.†Most people donít and do fine.†But if youíre wondering how you can buy a home that provides the maximum amount of income and/or the minimum amount of expense, read on!
  • Go AWAY... Please? Dealing with Door-to-Door Annoyances By:-Ted Guarnero
    If you are afraid that it's a burglar casing the joint, be obvious about your presence in the house or have a recording of a barking dog to play. But you don't have to open the door or engage the caller in any way if you don't feel okay with it. If someone claims to be having car trouble, you can always offer to call the police - from behind the locked door.
  • Yes Pets? Renting to Pet Owners Without Ruining Your Investment By:-Carolyn Capalbo
    Birds can be an exception; a medium to large bird can cause a lot of mess if not cleaned up after regularly. Many more landlords accept cats into rentals than dogs, since cats can be happy living in small quarters and are often cleaner. Small dogs are more likely to be accepted than big dogs for the same reasons.
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