A Palette of Pleasing Pastels for Nursery Decor- By: Jilda Peterson

Description : When a new baby is on the way, the nine month wait can pass in the blink of an eye. Between doctor appointments, purchasing needed clothing and supplies and baby showers, it seems that every moment is geared toward the impending arrival. This is also the time that parents use to decorate the nursery. Choices for wall colors seem without end. Some parents love bold primary colors, while other may gravitate toward a neutral palette. However, a traditional choice that is always beautiful for newborn is a palette of pleasing pastels.

Pastels are always appropriate because they are soft and muted, yet they still impart color. There are pastels that are gender-specific as well as pastel colors that can be used for either a boy or a girl. Another advantage in working with pastels is that all pastels blend nicely with each other, so itís easy to coordinate a room with favorite bedding or wall art. Here are some ideas for decorating a nursery in pastel hues.

Pretty in Pink

Pink is the no-fail color formula and traditional choice when a little girl is on the way. Pale pinks imbue softness and warmth and provide a perfect backdrop for a white crib and white nursery furniture, which happens to be another traditional nursery choice. Pink and white is a versatile color motif and it works well with many design styles, whether you want to decorate with polka dots and moonbeams or fairies and stardust. Pink also works well with other pastels colors like yellow, green, lavender and blue so it lets you work in any patterns or themes that appeal to you. Or take a contemporary approach and pair pink with soft gray and white.

Soft Baby Blue

The opposite of pink for girls is blue for boys, of course, and baby blue is always a wonderful choice for a little boy. Its softness acknowledges his perfect innocence but the color blue is nothing but masculine. There are many shades of baby blue to choose from: Cooler tones work nicely with white furniture or pales woods like birch and oak, while warmer pastel blues will complement darker wood finishes. Pastel blue is easily paired with white and pastel shades of green and yellow. Mix pastels in checks, plaids, stripes, squares or theme patterns to create a look that is as unique as your little boy. As he gets older, baby blue will also provide a great backdrop for bolder shades like red, green, brown, orange and yellow.

Pastel Yellows and Greens

If you prefer a gender-neutral room, pastel yellow or green, is an excellent choice for wall color. Yellow or green can be especially useful if you do not know the sex of the baby in advance. With yellow or green, feminine pink accents or masculine blue accents can be added after the baby has arrived. Another alternative is to choose a gender-neutral palette of pastel yellow, pastel green and white. Lots of patterns in fabrics and bedding can be found in this combination and it works equally well for boys or girls.

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