A Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist is Simple and Smart!- By: Durand Demlow

Description : If you leave your home to fend for itself, by not giving it the care and attention it needs, someday it will pay you back with costly repairs! A seasonal home maintenance checklist is a simple way to avoid all that and have a home that will be ready for whatever the seasons throw at it and save you time, money and heartache, too.

Its easy, really. Every season has its own unique challenges for any structure and your home is no exception. You don't have to do everything at once, but there are a few simple maintenance check list items that are best accomplished in a certain season. Of course, if you see something around your home that needs your help, you should fix it no matter what time of year it is. But, generally, if you'll get into the habit of scheduled upkeep, your home will appreciate it.

At the beginning of WINTER, look for any signs of damage caused by water that froze and cracked anything. Check the paint, the roof, deck and attic. Weather stripping and caulk can crack this time of year and insects and rodents try and come in out of the cold. Check the crawl space, basement and attic for signs. Inspect your property, including your attic, for wasp nests. They should be dormant now and easy to remove. Clean your gutters.

SPRING is the time to make sure that the winter weather hasn't snuck in and caused damage you overlooked. Check again for cracking and peeling. Your HVAC (heating and AC system) should be serviced, replacing the filters. And change batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Clean the screens and, if you removed them for winter, put them back on, checking the window seals as you go. Check and replace any caulk or sealer that needs it, inside or out. Clean the gutters.

SUMMER is the time to get outdoors. That means outdoor inspection. Check the driveway and walkways for signs of cracked cement, the roof for loose or missing shingles and fencing for any damage. Make sure your dryer and other vents are clean and check to see if the ground has any subsidence (sinking) near your foundation. Carefully check the window trim, siding and door frames. Look for cracks in cement or masonry work. Clean the gutters.

The FALL is the time to get the jump on winter by checking your plumbing, heaters, and any gas appliance for leaks or venting problems. Before it gets too cold, take a walk around the exterior fixing anything that could trap water and freeze, causing splitting or cracking. If you have window AC units, uninstall, clean and store them. Check any exposed wiring for fraying or unusual wear. Clean the gutters.

Set aside a weekend at the start of each season to make your rounds. By taking a little time to follow your home maintenance checklist you can help protect the beauty and equity of your home. Maintenance and keeping things clean are the keys to a safe and happy home!

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