Adding a Fireplace to a Master Bedroom- By: Fiona Creech

Description : Few decorative elements add as much romance to any room as a fireplace, and in a bedroom, a fireplace has the potential to ignite the flames of passion. And it makes an irresistible focal point. A fireplace in the bedroom can be the real deal or it can be a faux decorative item that offers the romance of a real fire without the construction issues. Here are some ideas for adding a real or faux fireplace to your bedroom.

Adding the Look of a Real Fireplace

If you have the wall space, adding the look of a fireplace to your bedroom is rather easy. Choose a ready-made mantle and frame from a fireplace shop or build it yourself. The most important aspect is to make sure that your choice is not too big for the wall or it will look looming and out of place in the room. Once the mantle and frame is ready, simply install it on the wall with anchor bolts. It is easiest to paint or stain the unit before it is installed and then just touch up any scratches or blemishes as needed.

Now for the fun part: decorating your faux mantle! Start with a beautiful wall art above the mantel. A contemporary or traditional painting is always a great choice; or try a striking framed wall mirror to add space and light to the room. It will also reflect candlelight, so be sure to add a grouping of scented candles on a tray or in candlesticks atop the mantle to create a amorous glow. A beautiful grill or fireplace screen to hide the missing fireplace will complete the look.

You Can have a Real Fireplace

Some homes have a real fireplace in the master bedroom; if not one can be added. However, adding a real wood burning or gas fireplace is very expensive due to construction issues. A gas or wood burning fireplace in a bedroom is also dangerous because it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. An easier way to add a fireplace that flickers and throws heat is to purchase a free standing electric fireplace. Simply plug it in and go.

You may want to install an electrical outlet behind the unit so that no telltale electric cord is visible. Shop at a local home improvement store or fireplace shop and you’ll be amazed at the realistic appearance of an electric fireplace; they also have thermostats and throw heat. Most electric fireplaces come with a remote control, so you’ll be able to turn the fireplace off or on and control the temperature from the comfort of your bed.

Today’s electric fireplace manufacturer’s use holograms to create a realistic looking fire and styles ranging from traditional to country or contemporary are easy to find. In addition to a selection of styles, you can find units in various sizes; units start at approximately $150.00 and cost only a few cents per hour to operate.

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