An Introduction to Real Estate Brokers in India- By: Aadi Sharma

Description : The real estate brokers act as an intermediary party between sellers and buyers of real estates. They are given license to execute their task of finding sellers who would like to sell properties as well as searching for buyers who are interested in buying.

Even though the concept of real estate agents are comparatively new in the market, the real estate brokers have been quite active in the realty scenario for quite long time. Let us take a look at some of the tasks carried out by the real estate brokers.

Tasks of Real Estate Brokers in India

  • Apart from being the general intermediaries between the buyer and the seller, they search for information related to prospective buyers and sellers. They look out for information about various deals available in the market, and offer them to potential buyers and sellers. They also take part in price negotiation and help their clients to conclude their deals successfully.

  • Brokers not only deal with developed properties but also with plots of lands.

  • Many reputed property dealers also take part in other client oriented services like they check the genuineness of the realty deal as the market is flooded with many fake deals.

  • In order to avoid fake deals, the property transaction has to undergo a litigation process. In order to be safe from legal disputes and litigation in titles of properties and lands, sellers often prepare fake and illegal documents to cheat the buyers. During the property deal, a genuine and reputed property broker checks all the documents and ensures the deal is genuine.

  • It is also seen that some traders knowingly get into purchasing with legal disputes. They mainly do it to take the advantage of the cheaper rate so that they can gain with some extra margin. General real estate brokers get involved in such deals but with clear understanding of the deal.

Since much of the success of the deal depends upon the healthy negotiation process, a reputed broker should primarily possess high level of communication skills. So, search for a good real estate broker before you step in to buy or sell your property.

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