Basic Procedure on Re-Shingling your Roof- By: Flynna Jones

Description : As a homeowner you are not spared from the prospect of re-shingling your roof. It is but natural for the roof shingles to suffer wear and tear because of the elements. The roof structure itself can suffer damaged and leak. Because of this, you might just simply want to remodel the house's exteriors. No matter the reason, you might opt to contract a professional roofer to do the job. Re-shingling a roof can be time-consuming and labor intensive; however, it is work that can be performed by anyone, as long as he has the right tools and has the proper know-how about roof shingles.

When re-shingling your roof, you will need the following items:

  • chalk
  • nail gun
  • shingles
  • boards
  • feathering strips
  • 15 lb. felt paper
  • starter strips

And the following steps will guide you:

  • Replace or repair damaged roof structure or rotting boards by driving down or removing bulging nails. If you wish to apply new shingles over old ones, you should secure the old shingles using a nail gun and use the feathering strips to smoothen out its look.

  • Lay down the 15 lb. roofing felt over the old shingles and waterproof the roof by overlapping every felt at least by two inches. Staple the felt to the structure of the roof. Begin from the edge eaves and extend upwards unto the roof ridge.

  • Set up a starter strip at the lowest roof portion. The starter strip should protrude over the gable and the eves by 5 to 8 inches.

  • Locate the roof center and mark with the chalk. Center the first shingle on the chalk line and should be directly place above the starter strip. Secure the shingle in place using a nail gun.

  • Lay down the first course of shingles. From the bottom of the shingle, measure from five to 5 to 8 inches upwards. This is where you should place the nails. Drive four nails in a straight line from one end of the shingle to the next to secure it.

  • Keep on laying down the first set of shingles until you have successfully secured each in both directions. Start the next course. Always use chalk to help in the shingle application. Draw a line at least 5 inches based on the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that the line is straight. Continue doing this until you reach the roof ridge.

  • Continue the process until you have completed one portion of the roof. Use the same steps in doing the other side.

If you opt to contract a professional, this labor cost estimate can guide you:

Labor costs vary from region to region, but there are certain steps you can take to lessen your labor cost. To start with, try to have the shingles delivered directly to the roof and not left on the ground. This will save you the labor time of the roofers having to carry up the materials. Because this is a re-roofing job, the total cost of the job will be higher than a new installation job. It is best to get 3 estimates from three different roofing companies. The estimate cost to re-roof your house would be somewhere around $75-$125 / square (10x10ft) for the tear off of the old shingles and the installation of the new. On top of this charge, you can expect extras to be charged for flashing and other shielding.

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