Bring a wonder of nature into your home- By: Kristan Phillips

Description : Bring nature into your home by installing a wooden floor. Wooden floors enhance your home in more ways than one, they change the look of any room bringing a clean, warm feeling and they also add value to the price of your property.

Wooden floors come in several different types – laminates, mechanically processed hardwood and solid wood. Each of these have different mechanical properties and suit different types of room. They also all have different installation techniques and some may need a professional or at least an expert DIY- er to put them in their place.

Having decided that you are going for a wooden floor and take advantage of all the charms that they can offer you doesn’t mean that you are limited to only one type of finish. There are lots of different types of wood to choose from so whatever the style or colour of the room there will be something that will be appropriate.

For instance if you wanted to install a wooden floor into a lounge you might want to choose a wood that is cosy and brings warmth into the room. A wooden floor adds warmth to your house and to the room from the minute it is installed. The wood and its finish are naturally warmer than tiles or other solid floor coverings and it is never cold to the touch. Wood is also so much more hygienic than a carpet. Carpets hold dust on their fibres and trap it in them for the lifetime that they are in place. Scientific evidence has proven that even vacuuming for 20 minutes on the same spot only removes 10% of the total dust in the carpet. Unlike carpets wooden floors can be dusted clean meaning that dust mites and a build up of dirt are a thing of the past. This is ideal if any of your family suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases – dust accounts for a high percentage of allergies and anything that can minimize the exposure to this will definitely improve health and well being.

You could go for a dark wood evoking the feeling of posh manor houses and ye olde England if you want a more traditional look for your home. This looks great with patterned furniture or rooms with lots of decorations. If this is not your kind of thing why not go for Beech which is a paler wood and looks great with more modern décor. Beech is often associated with Scandinavian design and looks great in a minimalist setting.

So why not think of bringing nature into your home today?

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