Capturing the Attention of the Masses on Your Real Estate Blog- By: M Shane

Description : If you're like a lot of real estate agents, you have a blog that serves to showcase your listings, maybe market stats and very little else. However, there is a way you can make your real estate blog a destination for more than just people who want to buy right now. By blogging about information that appeals to a wide variety of people, you will increase your exposure, establish your authority and connect with people who might possibly be your next real estate clients.

People love stories of success and failure, but they especially love the stories that give them the idea that this could be their success or that they could avoid that failure by taking advantage of the handy tips that you are, of course, going to give them. People love humor – the agent who can be simultaneously self-deprecating while maintaining authority on their subject is going to have a winning blog post. Blogging about your mistakes and what you learned from them can be a good way to both establish that you realize you're human and that you've won your real estate experience through real events.

Right now, people are voracious for information about how they can get ahead. This is the time to post information about foreclosure homes and the risks and rewards. Blogging about common scams that are targeting homeowners and home buyers is also blogging gold. Right now, frugal living is a popular theme – showing people how they can own their own home and save money by gardening, renting out rooms, using the freedom of owning their own property to engage in small business is another great angle.

Your community/communities are another huge source of blogging fodder. Community events are great focuses for blog posts. Be positive about your position and your community. You are not just selling homes; you're selling a lifestyle in a community – get out there and tell people why it's such an awesome place to live and what's exciting about the real estate there and they will start thinking that you're a pretty awesome choice for their real estate transaction.

Of course, you have to establish your readership. Start getting out there in your community forums and answering questions, offering friendly advice that is not linked to marketing yourself, mention a post in your blog that might help someone out… the point is to be approachable, but not appear like you're trying to sell yourself and your business. Your blog will sell your business for you if you get enough of a following to make people take notice of what you say and regard you as an authority.

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