Choosing and Mounting Curtain Rods- By: Jilda Peterson

Description : If you are looking to install new window treatments in your home then you probably know that they can be one of the most costly elements of home decor. Covering a lot of windows in a complicated and ornate manner can set your bank account back by several thousand dollars. Still, it is possible to choose a cheaper and simpler route that will still be functional and elegant.

Whatever your stylistic preferences and choices, hanging curtain rods will likely be something you need to do. Types of curtain rods, brackets, and related accessories vary almost as widely in design and price as curtains themselves. Depending on your budget you can spend anywhere from just a few bucks to several hundred dollars. If you want to save money, keep in mind that most curtain rods will be obscured by the curtains you hang on them. So consider sacrificing a little splendor in favor of cost and functionality. One excellent way to do this is to use PVC piping to fashion inner curtain rods.

What You Need to Know about PVC

So, what exactly is PVC piping? Plumbers have been using it for years as a simple, versatile kind of plastic tubing that can withstand a lot of abuse. It certainly is not decorative but it does do its job, and very well at that. You can buy it in just about any thickness and diameter you can imagine, including standard curtain rod dimensions, then quickly and easily cut it down to appropriate lengths. Because PVC piping is so strong you will never have to wonder whether or not it will be able to fully support the weight of even your heaviest curtains. Of course such plain looking material is not something you want to have on display in your home, but it is the perfect inexpensive choice to work behind the scenes.

Outer and Inner Curtains

When you are designing and installing window treatments like a pro, remember that you will want to include both outer and inner curtains. Usually the outer curtain will be the most elaborate and aesthetically pleasing while the inner curtain is lighter and simpler and serves only to provide background support to the overall design. Inner curtain rods are almost always hidden by outer curtains, so this is a wonderful opportunity to use PVC piping. Save the money and grandeur for the outer curtain rods, as they are what will actually be seen.

Mounting Your PVC Rods

In addition to being highly practical and affordable, PVC curtain rods are also relatively easy to create and mount. After trimming the piping to the desired size you will need to use standard curtain rod brackets to complete your project. Carefully drill tiny holes on either end of the PVC rod that can be lined up with the corresponding screw holes in the brackets to prevent slippage. Any appropriately sized screws should do the trick and will probably already be included with the brackets. Simply mount the brackets and use the screws to attach the PVC rods. Then just sit back and enjoy the benefit of long lasting inner curtain rods at a low price while your beautifully tasteful outer curtains keep your secret safe.

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