Credit Repair - How To Repair and Rebuild Your Own Credit Fast- By: Darin Sewell

Description : In today's economy people need credit repair because they are falling behind on their mortgage, medical bills and consumer debt. This is causing their credit scores to drop and many of these people now find that they can no longer get a loan or even insurance and are wondering what to do to fix bad credit reports!

Tips To Help You Start Repairing Your Own Credit

If your credit is bad because you are falling behind on your bills and have a lot of late payments then you need to address this first because anything else that you do will be canceled out by continual late payments.

The best way to do this is just call the lender, bank or whoever holds the account. Explain to them your situation and ask them if they have a payment plan. Most do and will be happy to help you pay what you owe them.

Once You Get yourself Squared Away

Next you are going to need to clean up your credit history by getting some of those late payments removed and other negative information taken off your credit report. While this may seem impossible it is actually very easy with the right approach and the law is even in your favor!

How To Start The Self Credit Repair Process

To start self credit repair you are going to need a copy of your recent credit report. Make a list of all the negative accounts starting with the oldest first. Next you will need to write a credit dispute letter for each negative account. There are three credit bureaus so make sure that you write a letter for each one. Make sure you also only send two dispute letters in a time, if you send more the bureaus may realize what you are trying to do and mark your claims as frivolous and ignore them.

How To Start Rebuilding Your Credit

The next step would be rebuilding your credit by adding some positive accounts. While this may sound hard it is actually quite easy. To get your credit history quickly you should make use of secured credit cards. These cards have a lower limit and are backed up by a cash deposit the lender hold in case you default. The report just like a regular unsecured card does and when used responsibly they will quickly help you re establish your credit history!

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Tips For Doing Self Credit Repair

The process of Self Credit Repair is a fairly straight forward and simple process if you have the right plan to follow. However If you go into it unprepared you run the risk of failing or damaging your credit further. To avoid hurting your credit you should get a proven Credit Repair Guide.