Credit Score Boosting Tips - Effective Tips To Raise and Maintain Your Credit Score- By: Darin Sewell

Description : Start Raising Your Credit Score

In today's tight economy banks and financial lending companies have really tightened up the guidelines they use to approve loans. Many people have discovered that what used to be a good credit score no longer is good enough to get approved! Below you will find some tips that will help you boost your credit scores and maintain good credit.

Consumer Credit Score Raising Tips

Stop Applying For Credit- If you have been getting turned down for loans you need to stop applying for them until you get your scores increased. The reason for this is that every time your credit score is checked it goes onto your credit report. Get your credit checked too many times in a short time period and your credit score will go down fast!

Budget Yourself- Another big reason for low credit scores is late payments. A single late payment can drop your score 50 or even 100 points. However you must be 30 days late for such a big drop in scores. But even so you should get yourself on a budget so you never find yourself short on cash when the bills are due!

Do Not Move Debt Around- Another thing that many people do is constantly switch to a new credit card to take advantage of lower rates and other promotional deals. This will signal a red flag to the credit bureaus and your scores can drop. To avoid the score drop keep about three good accounts open and keep paying them on time until you get them paid off.

Clean Up Your Credit Report- One major problem for a lot of people is their credit report is full of negative and even false information. This information can cause your credit score to be very low, even if it is not true!

As a consumer you have the right to dispute this information with credit bureaus. This process is called self credit repair and can be done by anyone who can read and write! To do it you must write a letter that dispute the information you disagree with.

Upon receiving your dispute letter the credit bureaus will contact the lenders who must verify the information, if they cannot, it must be removed from your report and your score will increase.

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