Credit Score to Buy a House: Your Achilles Heel- By: Nick Holliday

Description : The credit score to buy a house as of 2010 is 620. But its really more complicated than that. Factors that influence the score you need are down payment, type of home loan, and certain items on your credit report. The bad news is that the credit score to buy a house has been rising over the past year or two. So keep in mind that the requirements may be higher if don't buy soon.

You Want to Buy a House But Your Credit Score is Too Low

First of all, don't give up! The worst mistake is throwing your hands in the air and saying "I give up. I don't care what happens to my score!" Unfortunately, that's what many folks do.

For most people who want to buy a house, there are just a few items on their credit report holding them back. If they clear up those items, their scores will rise within a few months.

Resolving negative credit items can be easier than you think. The hardest part is knowing what action steps to take. The process is quicker and easier if it is customized to the goal of qualifying for a home loan and buying a house.

You Want to Buy a House Soon. Where to Start.

The first thing to do is avoid rent-to-own houses, rent credits, and all the other smoke-and-mirrors schemes designed to separate you from your money. A lot of folks are actually less able to buy a house afterwards.

Secondly, you need to decide which specific home loan you want to qualify for. FHA, VA, and USDA are all good government-insured choices. They all have low down payment requirements and relatively low rates.

Finally, to buy a house, you need to understand what the requirements are for the loan you chose. There are training programs available to help you reach the minimum credit score to buy a house. Use them!

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Author Resource : Nick Holliday has bought and sold over 100 houses.

He is a co-founder of AmericaOwns, which shows credit-challenged folks how to become responsible home owners.