Eco-Friendly Methods to Keep Weeds Away- By: Alvin Smith

Description : If the weeds get out of control, there seems to be so little that we can do to keep them at bay. For many people, relying on harmful chemicals would seem to be their only option, but the truth of the matter is, it is not. Instead of turning to expensive harmful chemical substances, there are eco-friendly ways to keep weeds at bay. This is even better considering how unsafe chemicals can be to your garden.

The kitchen area has resources you will need to stop those pesky weeds from making your patio into a weed garden. Those pricey pesticides or herbicides are not just an option for many. The kitchen has cheap, safe and easy options that will not harm any man, birds, the squirrels or even the surroundings. For that matter, you can just buy these eco-friendly ingredients at the same time you are buying your basic provisions for your kitchen.

Boil water and simply put it over the unwanted area of your porch or walkway and watch those weeds wilt away. Let the scorching water sink into the roots for a few minutes and yank them out of the ground.

Vinegar is also another ingredient you can utilize against those weeds. Fill up a bottle of spray and douse those weeds. This is effective especially on a really hot day. You can spray things down a number of times throughout the day. Vinegar can do so much damage in a matter of time.

A simple table salt is another eco-friendly way to keep weeds away. It is another effective option to dry out root systems. Just spread a little bit at the base of the unwanted plant and you will find that after a few days it will be dead as a door nail.

If you are really into warding those weeds away from your garden, just combine the ingredients we have used individually namely water, vinegar and salt. Put together all these three and boil them. Pour the boiled mixture into a spray bottle. This triple breath spray will eliminate any weeds that the spray lands on. This stuff is better than any chemical type you can ever find plus it is non-toxic so you will not need any gloves or mask when you use it.

In case you have large area full of weeds and you want them dead at the end of the day, all you will need is a large plastic garbage bag. To eliminate a lot of weeds at once, tarp the area with the garbage bag and secure the bag with flower pots and let the summer heat work its magic. The garbage bag will absorb the scorching temperature and have steamed weeds beneath. In just a few hours, you will be able to pick those dead weeds with no problem at all.

Even though these methods are best used in patios and walkways, you can still apply the principle on other weeded areas of your garden. On the other hand, be sure you do not dowse the solution to your pretty plants.

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