Fixtures that Add Unique Style to a Bathroom- By: Jilda Peterson

Description : While major elements of a bathroom’s design, such as the glorious glass tile used to line the shower, have a big influence on the overall look of the room, it is the little details that back up and carry the design style. One detail that can be used to accentuate any particular style or theme is the faucet fixtures that you choose for the sink, tub and shower. From the style and design of the fixture to its finish, the right faucet fixtures can provide the perfect finishing detail for a bathroom makeover.

Beyond Chrome

Chrome is the most commonly used finish in bathroom faucet fixtures. While it is still popular, there are other finishes to explore. Polished and antique brass, brushed nickel, copper, verdigris and rubbed bronze are all options that, when combined with style, help create unique attention to detail. For example, rubbed bronze fixtures with elegant Old World styling can be used to accent a Victorian, Tuscan or Old World style bathroom. Simple brushed nickel faucets with sleek styling can underscore the style of a minimalist modern bathroom. Even common chrome may be mixed with porcelain or brass to create a unique or vintage inspired fixture, such as old-fashioned porcelain and chrome handles marked “hot” and “cold” or an elegant faucet fixture on a pedestal that gives an authentic touch to a reproduction slipper tub.

Whatever your selection, use the same finish consistently throughout the bathroom in shower and tub fixtures as well as lighting fixtures, and accessories like towel racks, wall hooks and toilet paper holders. You can even choose a flushing handle for the toilet that coordinates with the other fixtures in the room. There should be some kind of continuity between the fixtures and accessories in the room to encourage a harmonious and cohesive ambiance. You may choose one finish, such as antique brass; or work with one combination of materials, such as chrome and porcelain.

The style of your bathroom should influence the selection of fixtures: For example, polished chrome or brushed nickel finishes work perfectly with the cool color palette typically used in a contemporary bathroom. In a traditional or Old World style bath, antique bronze or brass is a good complement to the warm color palette and rich stone finishes typically used with these styles.

Style Choices

It is best to choose sink fixtures before tub and/or shower stall fixtures. This is because the sink fixtures are the most noticeable when entering the bathroom. If you want an elaborate or themed fixture, the sink is the best place to showcase it; then you can coordinate the tub/shower fixtures with the same finish but in a simpler design if desired. From faucets that resemble a bird feather to nautical themes, artistic or simply sleek contemporary designs to charming antique reproductions, there are faucets to fit every style and desire.

In addition to shopping at home improvement stores, check out options at home and bath specialty shops. Ask to see catalogs of special order faucets if you can’t find exactly what you want on display. Online stores are another great resource for unusual fixtures and faucets.

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