Free Credit Dispute Letters - How to Doctor Them Up- By: Matthew Wierzbinski

Description : A simple Google search will turn up an abundance of free credit dispute letters. They are all over the place. First, though, look on the FTCís credit repair web page. This resource details the basics of credit repair as well as providing you a free credit dispute letter template that you can use.

Whichever free credit dispute letter you will use, you should not stop there. You should find 3 or 4 different free credit dispute letters that you can use. You donít want to send the same letter template to create all your credit repair letters from. Finding 3 or 4 templates to use will give you a higher success rate with your letters.

In addition, you should not use the free credit dispute letters you find without altering them some. Try to change up a few words, and also use multiple font styles and sizes. You can even put in a couple typos to make them look more 'original'. Make certain the letter is legible once you print it! If it is not legible, the credit bureau personnel who has to deal with your credit repair letter will not even attempt to decipher it. Tell the credit bureau how concerned you are about what is reporting incorrectly on your credit report. Donít use bad language, but do be staunch.

Whatever site that you use for your free dispute letters will likely also give you some useful information you need to put on the credit repair letters so that you make your dispute correctly. You can also find a website that will allow you to create the credit dispute letters using a free, online credit repair system. This makes your life a lot easier because it will save you the trouble of having to actually write out the letters or find templates.

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