Generate Real Estate Leads Using Online Methods- By: John Perry

Description : Everybody practically knows about the Internet today. That is because there are only a few people who have not used the Internet in one way or another. This means the Internet represents a golden opportunity for companies to harvest lots of leads that are interested in real estate.

Using the Internet as a primary marketing medium is a good idea. For one, it reaches out to the entire world. If you are selling properties, you can get in touch with foreigners who may want to buy through or from you. The Internet is more convenient in marketing these days than using the conventional ways.

This does not mean that the Internet will provide everything without you doing anything at all. In fact in order to generate results, you will have to put your back and mind into it. However, if you have the right motivation you will be able to successfully tap into several real estate rich leads.

Give Your Visitors the Information They Need

Some real estate marketers make the mistake of requiring a person to register first before he or she can access the information the marketers have for the visitorís perusal. This is a very big mistake, even if the registration is for free. One, it is a waste of time on the side of the visitor. They are there for information and not to spend some time filling out forms.

This will drive away visitors in your site. Only a few will actually sign up and get converted into a lead and most will simply look for another site that will provide them more details. What you have to do is provide them full view of what you have to offer or at least a sizeable amount. Allow them to browse all your properties or at least give them a reason that they would want to sign up. One way to do that is to give them something irresistible.

Offer Something in Return

Give people a good reason why they should give their personal information to you. People are usually wary about being spammed by marketing e-mails that they otherwise did not sign up for.

In order for your visitors to be influenced into signing up for your newsletters--and becoming a lead in return--you need to reassure them that you will not distribute their information to other real estate marketers or to all marketers, in general. Of course, you also have to respect them and keep that promise.

Freebies are a good way to drive visitors to you. This could come in a form of electronic booklets or free newsletters of property listings--anything that they would consider as valuable information that you are giving away for free.

Let Them Know You Care

Another grave mistake that other real estate marketers make while using the Internet for their lead-generation campaigns is the failure to make follow-up e-mails to the prospective client.

In this busy and multi-tasking world, it does not hurt that people get a little bit of a reminder. At the proper intervals, send them messages about updates and other activities happening in your site. What they want are houses in a particular state, therefore send them messages about new properties in that state. Or you can email them about the latest offers from existing properties.

The pacing of your follow-ups will vary. Other marketers would want to give weekly or bi-weekly newsletters and alerts, while others would settle for monthly reminders. It is all up to you, but you have to be careful as well. You must not bombard your leads with too many e-mails, or they will put your offers into the SPAM folder.

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