Georgia foreclosures for sale: Look at Roofs and Attics- By: Bilk Albers

Description : One of the things that you might need to do when you are considering to purchase Georgia foreclosures for sale is keep an eye on the small details that can affect the overall resale price or even enjoyment that youíll get once you decide to buy one of these bank foreclosures and live in it. You need to be aware that although the metro Atlanta foreclosures fell in December, the overall numbers set a record this year.

The attics and roofs are quite often areas that you need to concentrate on, so check them before you make the purchase and at several intervals afterwards to make sure there are no problems. One of the more serious areas that you will need to look at is water damage, and you can inspect your attic and roof every year to make sure there is no serious damage to the ceilings below.

Itís also a good idea to take a look at the asphalt shingles that are presently on the roof of the bank foreclosures that you are considering, and replacing them when they begin to curl and crack. If you have a metal roof, you should treat rust on it as soon as possible, because a metal roof can provide decades of durable service if they are not allowed to corrode.

As far as the attic goes, youíll want to make sure the ventilation is clear of any obstructions and itís important to check for gaps around plumbing stacks and other areas of penetration. Itís also important to check the insulation levels in the attic even if youíre looking at a house in a warmer climate like Georgia foreclosures for sale.

You should also check the chimneys and fireplaces as well as older heating equipment. Itís important to remember that, in many cases, installing a metal chimney liner prevents further damage from occurring.

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