Gravel or Grass- Which is Best for your Yard- By: Flynna Jones

Description : Your yard is the great place to start to improve your home looks. Fixing it up can help enhance the curb appeal of your home. But what kind of improvement should you undertake first? The best area would be the ground looks. Gravel or Grass? That is the question. Which is the best choice for your yard? Traditionally grass is the best choice, but contemporary time’s changes many things around you including the looks of your home, and you have no choice but to go with the tide which is espousing gravel to have a contemporary look. But anyway, gravel or grass, the last say will be yours. Just stick to what is practical for your lifestyle.

Your decision will also depend on your location. If it is in a dry area, grass will need some irrigation system to maintain your lawn and keep it healthy. And if you live in an area where storms and tornadoes are frequent, gravel is not a good choice because it can cause damage to your home and property.

Whether grass or gravel, you will need to be diligent to keep your yard looking great. Many people are mistaken thinking that gravel does not need upkeep. That is not true. Although bigger types of gravel will stay put longer than the small pieces, you will still have to add to your gravel to keep it looking great. There is also the tedious job of removing gravel from spots that it was not intended to be.

With gravel, weeds are difficult to deal with; you cannot simply run the lawn mower over them and chop them off. The weeds will have to be pulled or sprayed with chemical that can kill weeds. This is one disadvantage of gravel. If you place your gravel on top of a weed cloth, this will greatly reduce the amount of weeds that you end up with. Use cloth rather than plastic, because plastic does not drain well. If a weed does pop up, you will want to continue to treat that area with a weed killer or place an additional layer of stone over the area so that you do not end up with more weeds coming up in that spot.

The usage of your yard is also important. Will you need grass for your pets? Or, you might have children who will get hurt on gravel when they fall. Playing in gravel surface is tough. Gravel is good for spots where people usually walk on because they can hold up in this kind of situation. It can also be used as a parking space when the need arises. Also, with gravel you do not have to worry about mud issues during rainy days or dust during summer.

Knowing the pros and cons of grass and gravel turf will give you a better idea on which to choose. But whatever is your choice, one thing is sure to happen, your home will have a new look and this can make you a proud owner of an elegant house with a beautiful yard to boast.

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