Helpful Suggestions on Decorating Baby Nursery- By: Flynna Jones

Description : Babies are the most important persons in the home especially when they are still a couple of months old or maybe a little older. They are very delicate and fragile that is why they require your utmost care and attention. From day one up to the time that they are old enough they need your precious tender loving care. They are very sensitive to things that surround them especially in their living environment.

The setting of your baby’s nursery is part of the best care and comfort you can afford your baby. Making the nursery for your baby can be a great fun, enjoyable and exciting for you as a mother. There are endless ideas that you choose to decorate your baby’s nursery. The room theme is important. You can choose any color scheme, though it is preferable to use clear and light colors. To make the room looking fresh and happy, choose cheerful light shades like pastel pink, yellow, mint green and the timeless white combined with special accents.

Putting a cushioned rocking chair or an easy chair is also an option for you. This should come with a footstool, to make your back comfortable when you are nursing. A twin bed can be a good addition; this is for those times when you are up and down at nights with your sick baby. Favorite characters on walls are great nursery room decors, specially when your baby begins to distinguish figures, shapes and colors. You can also indulge in fairy tales images and nursery rhyme if you have extra money for it.

You may also create a theme that is according to your baby’s gender. Or, a specific theme on fairies or cars, trucks and trains and the likes. You can opt for a neutral theme such as animals on bright colors like Winnie the Pooh. Less babyish theme is ideal if your intention is for long term use such as alphabet theme or other gender neutral theme. Cartoon characters and super heroes are themes that grow with your baby boy, and for girls, tea parties, flowers or gardens can be ideal.

If you have a themed nursery room, consider these things:

  • paint color
  • bedding
  • borders
  • murals
  • wall papers
  • knick knacks
  • furniture
  • art materials or photos

Letting your baby grow in a nursery surrounding is the best thing you give your precious one. But it is the relationship between you and your baby that what matters most-the tender loving care of a mother that no other person can give except you. Your baby may grow up in an austere room with white walls and boxes on the corners, so be it. It will not affect the love and care you can give him or her.

Every loving and caring mother will always want the best for her baby that includes you; that is why the hassles and troubles that entails in decorating your baby’s nursery room is nothing compared to the joy and happiness that it can give a mother.

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